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how to add “open w/” selection in PREVIEW drop-down menu?

i send most of my pictures via email when looking at them in them in preview. i use the right click option to get “open w/” and then it shows a drop down menu. how can i add MAIL to this list so i don’t have to go to ‘other’ every time?
also, while using preview – is there an easier way to view all your pictures enlarged w/o having to highlight+quickview and still be able to arrow over to view the next photo & next photo etc? thanks for your knowledge!

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    10 years ago

    Do you mean Preview or the Finder? Preview is an application that you can use to view files (PDFs, images, etc). I don’t know of a right click option to open something inside Preview. But perhaps you just mean viewing them in the Finder? There you can right click on them and “open with” or you can hit the spacebar to use “Quick Look” to view the image. It seems from your question you are using the Finder and Quick Look to view the images, not Preview.
    You could create an action in Automator to add an item to the right click menu in the Finder that allows you to create a new email messages with the selected files attached. But it will take some work and understanding of using Automator.
    And easier way is to just drag and drop the image to the Mail icon in the Dock. This creates a new message with that image attached.
    As for your second question, I can’t quite be sure what you are asking. Both Preview and Quick Look make it very easy to look through a series of images. For instance if you drag and drop a bunch of image files to the Preview application, then you can flip through them quickly with the arrow keys.

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