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How To Select ‘Home’ or ‘Work’ Address Using Autofill?

I have a ‘home’ address and a ‘work’ address. How do I set up Autofill so that I can select with contact info gets automatically filled in? Thank you!

When ordering items online, sometimes I want them shipped to my home address… other times to my work address.
Douglas Brandt

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    3 years ago

    First, make sure you have that set up in the Contacts app. In the card that is your information, be sure to set an address for Home and one for Work. Add those if you need to. Then make sure that contact is set as yours. It should be listed at the top of the Contacts lists as My Card. If not, select it and go to Card, Make This My Card.

    Now in Safari, go to Safari, Preferences. Make sure under Autofill you have Using Information From My Contacts checked.

    Now when you go to fill out a form, it should be easy to access this. When you see an address form, move your cursor over the name field and look for the little icon in the right corner of the field. Click on that and you should be able to choose if you have both a Work and Home address.

    There is always the possibility that the web page you are using is either blocking the use of this (I don't know why they would, but it is possible) or it is poorly constructed so Safari doesn't realize it is asking for your address. So it isn't guaranteed to work all the time.

    The form at this site for leaning HTML is a good one to test it on:

    Of course another thing to consider is that the site you are ordering from my store addresses. Amazon does this. You can enter different shipping addresses in your account profile and simply choose from them when you check out. That not only makes it easy to switch between work and home, but also to send gifts to family.

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