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iCloud Is Filled Up From iPhoto

I ran out of my free 5G I cloud space (I know that I can buy more space) but I was looking on my I phone and my I photo is taking up the most space. Is there a way that I can delete the pictures that I cloud keeps backing up from my phone so I can regain some of the space back?
Christopher Malaney

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    12 years ago

    So iCloud doesn't store images from iPhoto (a Mac app) or from your iPhone -- well it does store your Photo Stream, but that is not counted toward your 5GB.
    It sounds to me, from your message, that the issue is your iPhone backups. Is that the case?
    You have two options then: store fewer pictures on your iPhone, or stop using iCloud for backups.
    The first option means simply uploading all of your photos to your Mac or PC (you may already do this) and not leaving them on your iPhone. So use your iPhone like a camera -- take 100 pictures at an event, then upload them all to your comptuter and remove them from your "camera roll" to clear out your photos. Your photos are stored on your computer, not your iPhone.
    Also, then you sync pictures back to your iPhone, sync fewer of them. Though I'm not sure they count much to your backup total. But maybe sync the last 3 months instead of 6 months, or something like that. Or maybe just sync a few dozen favorites.
    Your second option is to backup your iPhone to your Mac or PC through iTunes when you sync. And then turn off the iCloud backup feature. This is what I do. So I use virtually none of the 5GB of iCloud storage space.

    12 years ago

    I use iCloud to download all my iPhone photo's automatically in Aperture (you can use iPhoto as well) on my Mac.

    On the iPhone I do use the backup option, but I switched off the camera roll from that backup. Only other apps will backup data.

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