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UPS with monitoring/shutdown software for iMac

The title pretty much says it. What brands/models should I be looking at to get good clean power for my home studio, in a UPS which will gracefully shut my system down if power is lost for an extended time?

— Sumit Das

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    Chris Wanja
    10 years ago

    APC ( has always worked well for clients of mine. I personally do not use one – using a laptop and all – but have purchased several for my dad who has gone through hard-drives left and right due to power surges.

    With a Mac though, you should use the Power Savings preference through Software Preferences. Macworld had a great article on it –

    George Brickner
    10 years ago

    Another vote for APC.
    The UPS usually come with a USB cable to connect to the computer.
    The Mac’s Energy Saver preference will show UPS options once the UPS has been detected.

    Sumit Das
    10 years ago

    Thanks guys, two votes for APC. I’m a little worried that it may not fully support Macs. If I use the Mac’s Power Savings settings, will I miss out on any features?

    How do I figure out how much power I need for my machine?

    A guy at a local store recommended RocStor SmartTower and Fortis models, ever heard of them?

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