Forum Question: UPS with monitoring/shutdown software for iMac

The title pretty much says it. What brands/models should I be looking at to get good clean power for my home studio, in a UPS which will gracefully shut my system down if power is lost for an extended time?

— Sumit Das

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    Chris Wanja
    8/24/10 @ 4:57 pm

    APC ( has always worked well for clients of mine. I personally do not use one – using a laptop and all – but have purchased several for my dad who has gone through hard-drives left and right due to power surges.

    With a Mac though, you should use the Power Savings preference through Software Preferences. Macworld had a great article on it –

    George Brickner
    8/24/10 @ 5:02 pm

    Another vote for APC.
    The UPS usually come with a USB cable to connect to the computer.
    The Mac’s Energy Saver preference will show UPS options once the UPS has been detected.

    Sumit Das
    8/25/10 @ 2:09 pm

    Thanks guys, two votes for APC. I’m a little worried that it may not fully support Macs. If I use the Mac’s Power Savings settings, will I miss out on any features?

    How do I figure out how much power I need for my machine?

    A guy at a local store recommended RocStor SmartTower and Fortis models, ever heard of them?

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