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What Are the Basic GUI Features Likely To Appear On Desktop?

Recently have contacted Apple Support and various application help numbers and have been hampered by not knowing correct name for various windows, dialogue boxes, buttons, etc. in trying to describe what has gone wrong or in trying to respond to instructions given. Have you ever done a video on what of this nature is likely to appear on one’s screen or can you suggest a website that includes a visual list of all the main GUI features? A bit basic I realise but grateful for any help
David Girling

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    12 months ago

    Probably the closest thing I have is my general Sierra course. It takes you through macOS in general, and along the way I do mention the names of things, like: Desktop, icon, Dock, menu bar, folder, etc. Is that what you mean?

    A free option may be to just go through the videos I list at my A Beginner’s Guide to the Mac page. I’d image after going through these videos you would run across most of these terms as well.

    Gale Paeper
    12 months ago

    A good, free option is the Apple User Manual for the Mac/iDevice model you’re using. Generally, in the “Get Started” chapter there’s a “Find your way around” section with screenshots with items labeled and descriptive text. You can find a specific User Manual PDF version at Apple’s Support website (web search with Google on the [model name] User Manual) or an e-book version from the iBook store (click on the “Apple User Guides” item under “Quick Links” in the “Featured” content listing).

    David Girling
    11 months ago

    Belated thanks, Gary and Gale. I’ve got your Udemy High Sierra course, Gary, and have had another look at the relevant sections. Have also followed up on your suggestions, Gale. Main problem has been with trying to refer to/describe some of the flashier effects (mini windows, option buttons, lozenges to click on, etc.) on webpages of a couple of UK streaming TV/film websites when things go wrong and one contacts the support people. But recent problems mainly sorted now. Thanks for help.

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