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Where Do I Find Clipboard?

I can’t find an icon for clipboard on my MacBook Air, OS X Yosemite. I do get messages ‘save to clipboard’ and I have selected this but have not been able to find clipboard to retrieve the information. It seems like it would be a useful thing to know.


Harriet Fromm

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    7 years ago

    The clipboard is usually not something you "see" visually. You put things in it by using Edit, Copy (Command+c) and use the contents with Edit, Paste (Command+v). There is rarely ever any need to see the contents.
    One way to see the contents, if you really want to, is to paste them into something. For instance, if you are typing in Pages, just use Command+v and there they are. Use Command+z to undo to remove what you just pasted if it is something you don't want. You can always open up a new document to do this, maybe using TextEdit as a quick way.
    There is another way. Switch to the Finder. Then choose Edit, Show Clipboard. You'll get a little window with the clipboard contents. This works best with text and images. Other sorts of data may not display.

    Joel Anderson
    7 years ago

    In one of my classes last week, I described the clipboard as invisible, working behind the scenes, holding the last thing you put on it. One of the students then asked where he could see the clipboard. SMH. That's why I used the word invisible.

    7 years ago

    Another trick if you don't want to keep it in the Clipboard, but to import it directly where you are working (text or image) is to use the following shortcuts :
    "shift-control-command-4" and you'll get it directly using Command V. And nothing in the Clipboard ...

    Ken Kenton
    7 years ago

    Just install Flycut

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