Forum Question: Why Does My Application Folder Icon Look Like the Address Book?

I bought your Video Guide to Lion, and as I watched Using the Dock, I noticed that you have the Application folder in your dock and I liked the icon. So I put the Application folder in my dock, but the icon looks like the address book. It looks like the address book/application icon is covering another icon. Any ideas for how I can get the Application icon that you have? (If I select to view the icon like a folder, the icon is just like yours. This Address type icon shows up when I select Stacks view.)
Lynn Kilbane

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    2/10/12 @ 8:28 am

    So you have two options for items on the right side of your Dock, as you have seen. The “Display as Folder” option will show the item as a folder. It will even use the special folder icon used by that folder — so the Applications folder, or the Documents folder, etc.
    The other option is to view as a stack — which puts the icons for the files in the folder in a stack as the icon image. One has to be on top, of course, and Address Book probably comes first in the list alphabetically for you.
    If you really want to use a custom icon, you can do it by changing the icon for the folder itself.
    For instance, select a file (or app) that has a nice icon you want to use. Command+I to get info on it in the Finder. Then select the icon at the top of the info window. Copy. Then get info on the Application folder or whatever folder. Select the icon. Paste. That changes the icon for the folder, and thus will change it in the Dock if you are using “Display as Folder.”
    You can also copy any image to paste into the icon slot in the Get Info window. So you can copy a photo, or a part of a graphic in Photoshop, etc.

      2/10/12 @ 8:43 am

      Thanks very much for the thorough explanation. Lynn

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