Gallery View In macOS Mojave

The new Gallery View replaces Cover Flow View in macOS Mojave. It is useful for flipping though a folder full of images, PDFs or other document types when you need to find one using a large preview image. There are some customization options for Gallery View.
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One of the big new features of macOS Mojave is a new Finder view called Gallery View. So the Finder has four views, right. There's the Icon View, there's List View, there's Column View and these are essentially unchanged. But the new view is called Gallery View. Notice that in the fourth spot there used to be Cover Flow View. So Gallery View replaces Cover Flow View. Or you can look at it as it updates it. It kind of serves the same purpose. It allows you to look through a bunch of documents and see a very large preview of them with a small strip here at the bottom as opposed to Cover Flow, you kind of flip through these different ones in a kind of 3D look here.

So the way Gallery View works is you've got your files at the bottom here in a list and you see a large preview above. Now it's most useful when you're viewing images although probably PDF's too might work as you can kind of see the first page of the PDF. So I have a folder full of images here as an example. You can flip through these. I can click on them. You can see when I click on them it brings up the image there. I can hover the cursor over it and it gives me the file name.

I can use the arrow keys as well to go back and forth and flip really quickly through a bunch of photos. It's nice in that it allows you to maybe find a photo or PDF or some other type of document very easily this way.

Now there are a lot of options. Just like with any Finder view you go to View and Show View Options here. A lot of these things are things you find in any view like the ability to say Always Open this folder here in Gallery View. Sort By and you can have it sort in different ways. So that's useful to have it sort there. Also you have a Thumbnail size difference. So it's the thumbnails here on the bottom. If you want to see more of them you can make them smaller. If you want to see fewer but larger ones you can make them larger. The Show Icon View you can take that away and now you just have generic icons there. You can also Show File Name which can be very useful.

The other one here is the Show Preview Column. An easier way to turn that on is to go to View and then go to Show Preview. This is what you may have seen, or maybe your seeing just by default, is this column here on the right. Now typically this shows a preview of the document, say if you're in Column View or List View or even Icon View. But in this case it's showing this extra sidebar here that gives you some information here at the top and a bunch of information here at the side like, you know, the dimensions since it's an image, the date created and modified. These will change depending upon what type of file is selected.

But you also have a Show More button which is new in Mojave and gives you tons of information. This is very file specific. So here you see things like lens and focal length and all of that because this is a photo. So it makes sense to have those. You wouldn't see those if say it's a PDF or something. You also get these Quick Actions which I'll talk about in another tutorial but you can do some basic things depending upon what type of file it is. So for images I have a rotate left button. I can also jump right into Markup Tools and I can click More to add more of these quick actions. Sometimes they can be added by third party applications as well.

So I'll look at Quick Actions in the future. But right now familiarize yourself with Gallery View so you can know if it's useful to you as you do your work.

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    Jim Otto
    7 months ago

    Over the years I have followed “MacMost”. One thing I like the best is it explains in great detail and never leaves the main point. Secondly, it is easy to follow.

    Thanks you,

    Rivera Carlos
    7 months ago

    Can files be sorted in say date descending while in Gallery view?

    Rivera Carlos
    7 months ago

    Ignore my prior message. Found it

    7 months ago

    Rivera: How did you change the sort order?

    Karen Brown
    6 months ago

    “Always open in Gallery View” doesn’t seem to hold on my iMac. Exiting the folder, then going back to it, I still get List view. What is your experience with it? Or is it a bug?

    6 months ago

    Karen: It depends how you are “going back to it” sometimes.

    Karen Brown
    6 months ago

    Nevermind! I know what I was doing. I was simply looking at my pictures folder rather than “opening” the folder that I specified to open in Gallery View. Sorry!

    5 months ago

    This new gallery view in Mojave doesn’t allow anymore a fast search of a photo, as we could have in Sierra.
    There are tons of ways to have a preview of a photo. The good thing in Sierra was that it offered a fast preview, by an intermediate icon. Now we have a very slow preview by a big images which at the end is useless to search for a photo.

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