How To Access the Dictionary On Your iPhone

There is a Dictionary built in to your iPhone. Several in fact. But you won't find a separate app to access them. Instead, you can use text selection, Spotlight search or Siri to access the definitions. You can also search the web or get a dedicated third-party dictionary app.

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    Bruce Cornett
    3 years ago

    Great post, Gary, thanks! Another dictionary related thing that throws me for a loop is how my iPad and iPhone will memorize some typo that I’ve made in the past, and I can’t seem to get it to forget the misspelling. I’ve played around trying to fix this, including with setting up shortcuts, but without success. Maybe you could do a related post on this issue and potential fixes sometime.

    3 years ago

    Bruce: In iOS 15: Settings, General, Transfer or Reset iPhone, Reset, then choose Reset Keyboard Dictionary.

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