How To Clean Up Your iPhone Or iPad To Free Up Space

If you iPhone or iPad is almost full, you may need to take the time to clean out things you no longer need. iOS makes this easy by providing a list of apps showing how much space each uses and giving you controls to delete content. You can also change settings for Messages, Photos and the Camera apps so you use less space.

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    Bert Mullemeister
    4 years ago

    Hi Gary
    enjoyed the videos. I have a iPhone 11Pro (with latest IOS installed) and a iPad Pro and when I go the general/iPhone storage it does not show the 2 review as per your video,,,it only shows Offload Unused Apps. I used that as per your recommendation and that is no longer showing
    Hope you can advise...thanks in anticipation

    4 years ago

    Bert: Since those are "recommendations" they are customized to your situation. So you just don't have any at the moment.

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