How To Create a Photo Collage On a Mac

You can use either Pages or Keynote to build a photo collage. Pages is better suited to printing and exporting PDFs. Keynote is best for creating collages to be shared online or viewed on your screen. Both apps have the same tools so building a collage is similar in either app.

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    Geir Arne Midtgaard
    3 years ago

    Hei thanks for your videos. They are very useful.
    I do very much photo. I use Pages to make "PhotoAlbums" ( My Digital Albums)
    From Pages I export in Pub fast layout because I have heard it can be opened on most systems. I learned from your video that Keynote and save as PDF will do the same.


    3 years ago

    hi Gary, one frustrating thing in Pages is, when I right click on an image already placed on a page, and chose "Replace Image" it only points to media in the Photos app, doesn't seem to give yo a choice to navigate in a folder.

    3 years ago

    nick: Use the Format, Image sidebar instead. The Replace button there lets you select a file.

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