How To Create a Treasure Hunt Game With Your iPhone and NFC Tags

With a few NFC tags you can create a treasure hunt game that others can play. Put clues on a fre website and link the tags to each page. Design your own game for your kids, students, friends or family.

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    Dana Schwartz
    3 years ago

    I’d make the URLs a little less easy to guess after seeing the first (not clue-1, clue-2, etc) if possible — maybe some random characters? Kids are too smart these days! And maybe a little harder to find, so they don’t look like defacement that some park ranger or uninvolved “Good Samaritan” might remove. And of course, after the game is done, go back and remove the tags for good measure. Just some thoughts, this is a great idea!

    Hapax Legomenon
    3 years ago

    Nice idea to get the kids out, but a few printed QR codes would waste less resources of our planet...

    3 years ago

    Hapax: Always good to be thinking environmentally. But I don't know if those little NFC stickers use up that many resources. Plus, they are reusable, which printed QR stickers would not be. QR stickers would also attract non-players since most people who would spot them would know what to do. I suppose if you wanted to use zero resources, you could follow the players around and text them the next clue when you saw they arrived at the right spot.

    3 years ago

    Excellent walkthrough! I wasn't considering making an NFC tag hunt, but this taught me a lot about how to use the tags in general. I want to put them around our apartment for friends who might stay here when we're gone, so they can get tips on how to use various things, etc. I'd also like to use them to trigger certain shortcuts. Anyway, good stuff... many thanks! You clearly put in a lot of effort with your guides. Heading over to your Patreon page now.

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