How To Highlight Text In Mac Pages

There are two ways to highlight text in Pages on the Mac. The first has to do with editing and revisions, and is usually used when collaborating on a document with others. But you can also highlight text purely as a style, placing a solid color behind characters. To make things easier, you can create character styles for different text highlight colors and even assign keyboard shortcuts to them.

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    5 years ago

    Love this! Always wanted to know how to highlight on my iMac. Thanks SO MUCH, Gary!

    5 years ago

    There should be a button on the toolbar for this. 3 clics to highlight text is too much.

    Carlos J. Ramos
    5 years ago

    I still miss the Pages '09 option of copying styles between documents, including character styles. I have used the templates option. Butā€¦if I need an additional style and create it in a document, there is no way to edit the template, or I am I wrong. Also, I don't see a way to change the document template except create a new document. Thanks, Gary.

    5 years ago

    Carlos: Right, you have to get creative with copy and paste. Copy document text from one document (template 1) to another (template 2). Probably not there because it is rarely something most users need to do.

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