How To Zip and Unzip Files On Your Mac

It is fairly easy to compress a single file or multiple files and folders into a ZIP file archive on your Mac. You can also decompress any ZIP file by simply double-clicking it. This is useful for sending files online or to store files you no longer need. The Archive Utility is used invisibly for both commands, but you can run this app by itself and choose from more options when compressing or decompressing ZIP files.

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    Douglas Brace
    5 years ago

    If you are a looking for alternative program for making ZIP files, I recommend "Keka" from I use it because I want to create ZIP files that do not contain Mac operating system files when opening a ZIP file on a Windows computer.

    William Seabrook
    5 years ago

    Following up Douglas' comment, is it possible to make another compression utility the defaults when you right-clip on a file and select the "compress option?

    5 years ago

    William: Not really. But an app developer could certainly add that to their compression app so that when you install it you get that app as an option when you right-click. Otherwise, if you need to use it often, you could always add it to the Dock and drag-and-drop.

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