iCloud Drive Files and Backups

Files saved to iCloud Drive interact with Time Machine differently than files saved on other parts of your hard drive. In case of catastrophe, you don't need Time Machine to save your files, as they would be waiting for you on the iCloud Drive servers. Time Machine doesn't save older versions of files for most apps, but modern apps will save versions of files that you can revert to. In case you delete a file by accident, Mac users can quickly and easily recover them from the Trash. Some iCloud Drive files can also be recovered using Time Machine.

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    Richard Fuhr
    9 years ago

    Another way that Apple could make iCloud Drive more usable for people who have iOS devices is to provide a Finder-like iCloud Drive app for iOS, much as Dropbox, Google Drive, and other cloud services have provided iOS apps. The reason for this is that some users may create their own folders in iCloud Drive and have files created via different apps in these folders. They may quickly want to see a view of this folder using Finder-like functionality.

    Bob A
    9 years ago


    Try navigating Finder to ~/Library/Mobile Documents/Pages/Pages before entering Time Machine. I think you'll find that you will then be able to view and restore Pages documents stored in iCloud Drive from an earlier point in time.

    K Duffy
    9 years ago

    Hi Gary
    Can we drag or copy iPhoto Library to iCloud & view old pictures on all devices?

      9 years ago

      I wouldn't do that simply because the iPhoto library is too large. For most people, it would be more than their entire iCloud space. Wait until later in 2015 when Apple gives us the iCloud photo library.

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