iOS 11 Control Center

The Control Center looks and works differently in iOS 11 on both the iPhone and iPad. You can now customize the controls, adding in buttons with interesting new functions. Many controls will perform an immediate action when you tap them, but offer more options if you tap and hold.
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So one major new change in iOS 11 is how the Control Center looks and works. So here I am on my iPhone and if I were to tap outside the screen at the bottom and drag my finger up slowly you could see I'm pulling up the Control Center. I can do this from anywhere. Inside any app and anything I'm doing on my iPhone.

You can see everything is kind of modular, grouped together, and there's a whole bunch of different buttons at the bottom. It can be very customizeable now. So, you can tap on different things to turn them on and off. For instance, I can turn on or off Bluetooth by just tapping. I can also tap and hold something. So you can see for Music there. The sliders for Brightness and Volume go up and down. I can just basically tap and drag up and down, tap and drag up and down. Then just tap and it goes back to this. So there's various different things that you can do here.

On the iPad it looks a little different. I'm going to swipe from the bottom and you can see the Control Center is on the right side of the screen that also includes the most recent apps that I've used. As a matter of fact I can scroll through these. So this is the multi tasking screen here.

The Control Center though, even though it's arranged differently, the buttons are the same and they do the same functions here. You just have a slightly different screen where you've got multi tasking as well as the Dock on the bottom and the Control Center on the right.

Now you can customize this. In the Settings app you can go to Control Center and then you can say whether or not you want to have Access Within Apps. Maybe it gets in the way of some game or something like that and you want to turn it off. But under Customize Controls you can add or remove modules.

So you can see here I've got Flashlight, Timer, Calculator, Camera, Home, and Screen Recording all set to be included. You can take one of these away. Like I don't use Home so I'll take that away. It just moves it down to the bottom. You can see it there. I can add one of these other things in there so the button is available there. Most of these are just plain buttons but some of them have more functionality. There's some things in here , like Notes for instance, that basically launch that app. But I can add different things here. Quick access to Guided Access, Low Power Mode, the Magnifier, all sorts of things. So I can just add these in.

Let's say I want to add Text Size in. So now that's there at the top. I can drag on the right up and down. So I can move that up higher so Flashlight and Text Size are the top two.
Now I go back to the Home screen and I drag up and I can see that I've got Text Size right there. I can tap it and then use that slider there.

I encourage you to play around with these and see them. For instance, Flashlight there are different flashlight levels that I could set. For the Timer I can either just tap it and jump right to the Clock app. But I could also tap and hold and set a timer really quickly to get going. Even for things like Calculator, you can see I can copy the last result as well as to tap and jump to the app. For the Camera I can tap and hold and jump right to a certain mode rather than just a quick tap which will just launch the camera.

Then, of course, that Screen Recording at the bottom, is going to be really useful for me because I'm going to be able to record tutorials directly on the iPhone and not have to connect to the computer to record them.

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    Michael Linder
    2 years ago

    Really enjoyed and very interesting

    Jim Flannery
    2 years ago

    I use Control Centre a lot, and will be greatly expanding my use of it in iOS11. Thank you for the explanation.

    Joe Finkelstein
    2 years ago

    Thanks Gary. Very useful info.

    2 years ago

    thank you for the great information. told my daughter who uses the timer ap for her boys playing games etc.

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