MacMost Now 911: iOS EarPods Controls

You may be surprised at how much you can do with the controls on your EarPods with your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. In addition to pausing music and changing the volume, you can also rewind and fast forward. You can also answer and refuse calls and activate Siri. You can even take a picture.

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    Tony Schimenti
    10 years ago


    No matter how busy my day, I always take the time to watch your videos, there is typically a nugget in each one.

    How many folks didn't realize they could snap a pic with the ear buds, how useful! Thanks

    Tom Dri
    10 years ago

    Who knew? I didn't know that! Thanks for the snippets. I can't wait to show off to all the apple fan friends that think they know everything Apple

    10 years ago

    Well done Gary, will make good use of those tips.
    Keep them coming

    Kevin Grishkot
    10 years ago

    I had no idea. Way cool.

    Brad Baskin
    10 years ago

    A light went on with the ear pod capability. Never would have known. Thanks for doing what you.

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