MacMost Now 707: iOS Notifications Settings

Learn how to control which apps send you notifications and how they do it. You can choose how and where the notification appears, whether the app puts numbers in the icon or plays sounds. You can also arrange the order for notifications when viewed in the notifications center.
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Hi, this is Gary with MacMost Now. On today's episode let's take a look at thee IOS notification settings. So tons of apps in IOS on your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch will send you notifications. These could be sounds, these could be messages on a screen, these could be things in the special notification center. It's important to get familiar with the settings for notifications which you could find in the settings app so you could control all this. So you're not bombarded all day long by notifications from different apps. So, in the iPad you go to settings and in there under notifications on the left you see now we've got your notification settings. So, the first thing you'll see is the sort. You can sort manually or by time. Now, the notification center is what this is sorting and you can tap and drag from the top of the screen down to bring up your notification center. This shows you all your most recent notifications and here I've got it sorted by time. If I sort manually it's going to use the list there at the bottom. You see FaceTime first, Messages second etc. and you sort that so you can see my messages. My FaceTime messages appear above those USA Today news items. Now, if you want to sort the way that notifications appear in the notification center manually, you would set it of course to manually at the top and you would tap the edit button at the upper right. Now you can drag from the right side up and down the list and it would change the order of which things appear. Now each these individual items in the notification center have settings in them. So for instance let's go to messages and here would could see that we've got a ton of settings. so we can set whether or not the items appear in the notification center there at the top and how many items to show. Then when alerts happen, when someone sends you a message you can decide how it appears. You can have it set to none so that it doesn't appear at all on your screen, a quick banner at the top or an alert which would appear in the middle of the screen interrupting what you're doing. Um, you can also, have a lot of different things like thee badge app icon that gives you the number of waiting messages there over the icon. You can turn that on or off various apps. Um, you can show a preview of what the message is you can have the alert repeated and how many times. So for instance if you want to make sure you get your messages repeated ten times. If you get messages all the time. You can maybe set that to never and whether or not that message alert, that notification appears in the lock screen. Now if you back to the notification center and chose another app let's say reminders, you can see that they're different settings for that. So it doesn't have all the same settings as for messages. We could chose another one for instance here and we can see different ones. Here's one for sounds you could see, you could have little sounds that appear, and you can turn everything else off and only here a sound. For instance in thee GMail one, this was annoying because I had sounds turned on for a while and every time I hear a GMail message which was many, many times per hour, I would get a little sound on my iPad and couldn't figure out what it was until I turned off the sounds there and I turned on another notification option so I could actually see thee E-mail come in. Also, some items will appear below here in thee Not In Notification Center area. So for instance in here are things that you've turned off from notification center but you can still turn them on. They're still available to you so you can like say turn on banners here and you can see it's still not Notification Center until I turn on Notification Center and It'll appear there and See it'll jump now to thee top section. Now the Notification Center itself I'm going to tap and drag from the top of the screen to bring it up. I can clear items so I can tap the little X there and hit thee clear button to clear that. So it clears out all those notices if I've read them all. I call also tap on a specific one and it would form an action. Like for instance obviously this will take me to that item in that app. You should also keep in mind that sometimes inside the apps I've noticed they can set some of these settings. So for instance in a game you could choose to have a notification shown or not and the only way to then turn it off might be to go to the notification center, but you can turn it on and sometimes turn it off from inside thee app as well. You'll look at the IOS Notification Center obviously it looks a little different on a more compact screen like the iPhone and iPod touch but the functionality is basically the same. Til next time this is Gary with MacMost Now.

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    7 years ago

    Notifications talk was good as usual, YET, I’d appreciate you advising the accuracy of my assumption that all notifications turned on and IN Notification Center, will lead to more battery drain than if they are Not in the Notification Center (with little downside affect if you don’t use those programs a lot).

      7 years ago

      I can’t see it affecting the battery by any noticeable amount. Getting a tiny bit of data here and there isn’t going to make a difference.

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