MacMost Now 790: iOS Physical Buttons and Switches

Every iOS device comes with an array of physical switches on the body. You can use the Home button for various tasks, as well as the weak/sleep button. The side switch and volume controls can be used for more than just controlling volume. You can also combine the switches and use movement to activate some functions.

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    Roger Rossman
    11 years ago

    As usual, great tutorial. I didn't know that pressing the home button three times gives you the settings screen.. Thanks..

    11 years ago

    Wow! Thank you!

    11 years ago

    Great tutorial as usual. Another use of buttons is ability to close current app on screen. Useful if app has locked up. Hold on/off button till swipe to turn off is displayed. Then click and hold home button for approx 5 seconds and current app on screen will close returning you to the home screen.

    11 years ago

    Hey Gary. Using an iPhone 4S with IOS 6.0.1 I don't get the "use the side switch" option under Settings - General. Is there someplace else that this switch can be changed from mute to orientation lock?

      11 years ago

      You can apparently only switch that on the iPad. You'll need to do it with the on-screen control on the iPhone.

    11 years ago

    Great podcast, I always think I'll already know all of the topic, but end up learning a thing or two! Would love to see a similar podcast on the functionality options of the earbud controls! Many thanks Gary!

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