MacMost Now 614: iPhone 4S Announced

Apple announced the new iPhone 4s. The new phone will include a faster processor, better camera and come with the ability to listen and respond to voice commands and take dictation. The new phone comes out on October 14. It will also be available on Sprint for the first time. iOS 5 and iCloud will come out on October 12 for some older iOS devices.

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    G Tyler
    13 years ago

    Without Siri, this would have been a pretty disappointing announcement. One thing that I have not seen mention of in iCloud is the sharing of Safari Bookmarks. This is actually a key feature for me as I have an iMac at work, home, iPad, and iPhone where I use Safari all the time. This works great now in MobileMe - even to my Windows 7 partitions. Have you seen any indication that this feature will exist? Maybe it will be built into future versions of Safari.

    13 years ago

    Does the air mirroring require apple tv? And will it mirror web surfing as well as video?

      13 years ago

      For AirPlay screen mirroring, you need something to mirror "to" -- the only device right now that you can mirror a screen to right now is the Apple TV 2. If it works like the iPad 2's mirroring using a video cable, then it will mirror almost anything on your screen, including when you are using Safari.

        Jamie Gash
        13 years ago

        I have Apple TV 2 and have updated both my Apple TV, macbook and my iPhone 4 to iOS 5. Does mirroring only work for iPads?

          13 years ago

          Mirroring works for the iPad 2 and the iPhone 4S, both of which have the A5 processor

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