MacMost Now 650: iPhone and iPad AirPlay Mirroring On Your TV

You can show your iPad or iPhone screen on your television wirelessly using your Apple TV 2. You need the latest iOS device and the Apple TV 2. You can also do it with cable adapters. The result is you can see whatever is on your iOS screen on your TV.
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HI. This is Gary with MacMost Now. In today's episode let's take a look at wireless Mirroring your iPhone or iPad using Apple tv. So you can show whatever is in your iPad or iPhone on your television wirelessly. To do this you need to have the latest iPhone the 4s or the latest iPad , the iPad 2 and also the Apple tv2 . It won't work with any earlier equipment or currently the iPod touch but you can bear that anything that comes out of 2012 and your iPhones, iPads or iPod touches or any new versions of Apple tv will probably have this feature. So to do it its pretty simple as long as you have everything setup right, every device on the same network and all your settings turned on. Let's take a look.
So on the iPad2 to do this what you do is double tap the home button and it will bring up the reasons bar here. Move over to the left and then tap the Airplay button and in here you'll get a list of Airplay compatible devices and you'll see which ones can do video and which ones can do only audio and you can see there's my Apple tv, it's the name I gave it. I simply tap on that and it will then start mirroring the screen to Apple tv .
And now on the iPhone it's similar. Double tap will bring up the recents bar .Move over twice, and now you'll get volume control and airplay, and there you can see the devices and you can select Apple tv there as well. So on your Apple TV 2 first thing we wanna do is just go to general settings and in there just you can change the name of your Apple tv there. Sorry that's how it appears in Airplay. Also go to the network and make sure you hooked up with the same exact network as your iPad2 or iPhone4s and then under update software you may wanna make sure that your using the most up-to-date version of Apple tv if you have an older version you won't be able to do airplay mirroring at all. Then of course you just need to go down here in settings to Airplay, and make sure that its turned on and you can also set a password that is required to start Airplay between a iwork device and your Apple tv. So when you turn on Airplay you don't have to do anything on Apple tv you just have to have it on and just waiting and then on your iPad 2 or iPhone 4s you just do it as I showed before and turn it on and instantly it takes over the screen. Not that it takes over the entire screen and the ratio is 4 by 3 in an iPad and 3 by 2 in an iPhone and also to scale it up and to take over a portion by the time am gonna use a 16 by 9 dimensions of a HD tv for instance. Once am on, I can now do anything on my iPad and it will mirror the screen. So for instance, I can surf the web, I can play a game, I can do whatever I want. So to turn this off all I need to do on your iPad or iPhone is to go over to airplay and switch back to your main device like iPad here and then you can see it shuts it off and it gives me back control over my Apple tv, normally.
Now you should note that earlier iOS devices had the ability to use airplay to display things like video and audio through Apple tv that's different than this which is actually mirroring everything on your tv so you can actually play a game and you could actually see the result on the television. You can do that before you can just say play a video or listen to something in iTunes.
Now you can still do that a matter of fact sometimes if you got to play a video it will actually play it on the tv in the normal Airplay mode even if you are mirroring. And just you know that some apps actually will use Airplay in a different way. Like for instance some games will actually show you something different on your television than that will show you on your device. Now you can also do this by using wires instead of the Apple TV so you can hook up this which is the Apple HDMI adapter which works for the iPhone and the iPad. There's also one for VGA in any way component one. So the VGA one might be interesting if you are going to present something say on a screen in a business situations but for televisions you probably wanna get the HDMI one . You can buy these from Apple online or in Apple stores and there you wont have to use Airplay or any of that interface you simply just hook up that cable and then hook it up to HDMI to your tv or the VGA cable and it will instantly just start mirroring whats on the screen . So ill be getting a lot of questions about this so I hope everyone finds this useful. Till next time this is Gary with MacMost Now.

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    7 years ago

    Other than buying a new TV, is there any way I can get a full sized image on a 1080i TV when mirroring? The Apple TV downgrades to 480p on my TV, thus iPad mirroring is tiny (1/4 the screen size; upper left of screen)

      7 years ago

      Try playing around with your TV’s settings. I’ve tried it on a variety of TVs, and I always get at least a centered, decent image.

    7 years ago

    Incan ply adjust the tilt on mine, not the vertical or harzontal. Also aspect is disabled hen using HDMI (no “zoom” etc.)

    Bill Jackson
    7 years ago

    I am unable to synch my IPad 2 with my new Samsung t.v. I have the required cables to hook up the IPad to the t.v. and they are inserted correctly.

    What can I do to watch IPad 2 on my t.v.?

      7 years ago

      Impossible for me to guess what might be wrong. Check and recheck everything. Probably a setting in your TV.

    7 years ago

    Hi, Ijust wanted to say THANK YOU!!!!!!! every time, i learn grate new thing, again Thank you .

    7 years ago

    Great video. How did you capture the apple tv video screen?

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