MacMost Now 476: iPhone Weather App Alternatives

If you don't like the default Weather app that comes with the iPhone, there are a number of alternatives in the iPhone App Store. There are several free apps, as well as some more advanced paid apps. You can also use a local app or visit a weather web site.

Apps mentioned in the video:

Free Apps

  • The Weather Channel
  • WeatherBug
  • 9News (Denver TV Station)
  • Weather Underground (iPhone site)

    Paid Apps

  • My-Cast Weather Radar
  • Weather Pro
  • Weather Channel Max
  • The Weather
  • WeatherSnitch
  • Outside
  • MyWeather Mobile
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      13 years ago

      WeatherSnitch is the only weather app I have on my iPhone right now. It doesn't do radar, but I've had RadarScope for two years now.

      13 years ago

      Just realized (duh!) the iPad doesn't have a built in weather app -- so this is very handy! Thanks.

      12 years ago

      How to search my local city in the weather channel app of iPhone 4?

      11 years ago

      Now the question do you switch the yahoo weather to your newly selected one? As in delete yahoo weather as it is useless!

        11 years ago

        You can't, since it is built-in. So just relegate it to an app folder on your last page of apps.

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