MacMost Now 476: iPhone Weather App Alternatives

If you don't like the default Weather app that comes with the iPhone, there are a number of alternatives in the iPhone App Store. There are several free apps, as well as some more advanced paid apps. You can also use a local app or visit a weather web site.

Apps mentioned in the video:

Free Apps

  • The Weather Channel
  • WeatherBug
  • 9News (Denver TV Station)
  • Weather Underground (iPhone site)

    Paid Apps

  • My-Cast Weather Radar
  • Weather Pro
  • Weather Channel Max
  • The Weather
  • WeatherSnitch
  • Outside
  • MyWeather Mobile
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      11 years ago

      WeatherSnitch is the only weather app I have on my iPhone right now. It doesn’t do radar, but I’ve had RadarScope for two years now.

      11 years ago

      Just realized (duh!) the iPad doesn’t have a built in weather app — so this is very handy! Thanks.

      9 years ago

      How to search my local city in the weather channel app of iPhone 4?

      9 years ago

      Now the question is….how do you switch the yahoo weather to your newly selected one? As in delete yahoo weather as it is useless!

        9 years ago

        You can’t, since it is built-in. So just relegate it to an app folder on your last page of apps.

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