MacMost Now 476: iPhone Weather App Alternatives

If you don't like the default Weather app that comes with the iPhone, there are a number of alternatives in the iPhone App Store. There are several free apps, as well as some more advanced paid apps. You can also use a local app or visit a weather web site.

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Hi, this is Gary with MacMost Now. On today's episode lets look at alternatives to the iPhone weather app.
So the iPhone comes with a default weather app, you can use this app to look up basic weather info for your location or cities around the world.
But a lot of people have complaints about this weather app, sometimes the information is too basic, other times it can't find the specific town, and sometimes the information just doesn't seem to be accurate.
Fortunately, there are plenty of free and paid weather apps in the apps store that you can use instead of this default.
So the first of three free apps I want to show you is the one from The Weather Channel, and there you can get lots of information much more than you can get using the basic weather app that comes with your iPhone. You can see some of the different screens here and off course the information is coming from a different source so the accuracy may be better for you.
So next here is an app from, the accuweather app, also has lot of detailed information and a different interface and some live video as well.
Here is another free one called WeatherBug witch pull from it's own set of data, using it's own weather stations.
So witch of this free options do I use? Well I don't use any of them, what I recommend, a lot of people do, is look for an app from your local TV or newspaper and see if they've got weather functionality in it, for instance, one of my local tv stations here has an app with local news and local weather, and the weather it's actually coming from that station witch is local to me, so i'd rather have this forecast than anyone provided by a national or worldwide service.
And, here is another thing I do, instead of going to an app, sometimes I use my Safari web browser in my iPhone and go to the weather underground site and if you go to you get an iPhone optimized view of the website and I like all the different features at
So if you want even more features or functionality there is some app you can buy, for instance, the weather channel has a the weather channel max app, witch has more features and also lacks the advertising, you can also get the My-Cast Weather Radar app and another one is Weather Pro.
And if you want something a little bit different there is some apps that have innovated, for instance, weather snitch has a very different looking calendar interface in addition there is one called The Weather witch actually allows you to customize the screens have the information you want. Another one is also called Outside witch shows things in a very different cartoony way.
Now i'm gonna include links to all of this apps at this post at, so look for them there.
Now one question I know i'm gonna get is how can you get rid of the default weather app once you've installed one of these, well you can't, but one technique you can use is to create an app folder, see episode 414, and you can put on unused apps into a folder called unused or maybe you wanna gather several weather apps including the default weather app into one weather folder, it's a good way to organize things on your iPhone.
Hope you found this useful, til next time.
This is Gary with MacMost Now

Apps mentioned in the video:

Free Apps

  • The Weather Channel
  • WeatherBug
  • 9News (Denver TV Station)
  • Weather Underground (iPhone site)

    Paid Apps

  • My-Cast Weather Radar
  • Weather Pro
  • Weather Channel Max
  • The Weather
  • WeatherSnitch
  • Outside
  • MyWeather Mobile
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      8 years ago

      WeatherSnitch is the only weather app I have on my iPhone right now. It doesn’t do radar, but I’ve had RadarScope for two years now.

      8 years ago

      Just realized (duh!) the iPad doesn’t have a built in weather app — so this is very handy! Thanks.

      7 years ago

      How to search my local city in the weather channel app of iPhone 4?

      6 years ago

      Now the question is….how do you switch the yahoo weather to your newly selected one? As in delete yahoo weather as it is useless!

        6 years ago

        You can’t, since it is built-in. So just relegate it to an app folder on your last page of apps.

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