MacMost Now 518: iTunes Store Refunds

Learn how to request a refund from the iTunes Store. If you have purchased an app that isn't working or have accidentally bought an app, song or video you can ask Apple for your money back through a series of steps.

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    Michael A.
    13 years ago

    Thanks Gary! I'll pass this along to the person who asked me.

    13 years ago

    I was charged by Itunes for something I didn't purchase. They said my bank account had been hacked and that there wasn't anything they could do about it(there wasn't any evidence my bank account had been compromised). After numerous emails, I never received a refund. Hopefully other people have more success.

      Donna Brooks
      12 years ago

      Jason, the same thing happened to me about 4 or 5 years ago. I had purchased 3 TV episodes from iTunes, and nothing else, then months later I got a message from iTunes charging me for some song I did not purchase, or even recognize. Fortunately it was the only time it happened and it was only 99Ā¢, so when my first couple of attempts at getting a refund from Apple didn't work, I didn't pursue it further b/c it just wasn't worth the time. However, now I don't want to use the Mac App store to get freeware b/c they require an account to charge for billing even if you aren't purchasing anything, and I'm afraid something like that will happen again w/ the app store. If I can't get it from MacUpdate or from the developer's website, then I live without it. I'm just leery of giving access to an account to an entity as a requirement to "purchase" free apps.

    Gary B
    13 years ago

    When you make a purchase through iTunes, you should get an email receipt within a couple of days. There is a link on it to "Report a Problem". I've used it on more then one occasion to report a problem with a download movie or app and have always received a prompt response and Apple has removed the charges from my credit card.

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