MacMost Now 551: Login Items

Login Items are applications that launch automatically when you log in to your user account on your Mac. Utilities supporting some of your applications may be found there. You can also add your own applications, scripts, folders, documents and even web bookmarks.

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    13 years ago

    How did you know that I wanted to add Jumpcut to my Login Items? Ha ha ha... Thanks for the tip and, also for all your great podcast episodes. You do a very good job with these!


    Vicki G.
    13 years ago

    This is semi-related but I want to know why it takes, literally takes, 10 full minutes before my computer launches anything. Especially if I shut down then restart the computer. It never used to do that. It took less than 5 minutes to start. Now it takes forever and a day so that I don't want to ever shut it down.
    I asked a guy who knows about computers, he a systems analyst and computer programmer, but he thought I should ask you. He works w/ PC more than Macintosh but he knows how to determine Macintosh problems.
    He thought I should reinstall my current version of the OS, then recollect future stuff from Time Machine.
    I have no idea how to do either of those things. Since I don't know, I decided to take his advice and ask you.
    I just hope I haven't misinterpreted anything he said. That can turn into a nightmare when I do that.

      13 years ago

      It shouldn't do that. But I can't help. You need first-hand help. I'd take it to the Genius Bar if you can.

      13 years ago

      Vicki, a few thoughts -

      firstly, how full is your hard drive ? Do you have at least 10% of the total drive space spare ? If not, your hard drive will grind to a halt.

      Secondly, I'd try running Disk Utility, select your hard drive, and run First Aid on it - verify the rights etc, but more importantly, verify the disk.

      Your issue may be caused by errors on the disk, which the mac is having difficulty reading from/writing to and hence sits churning the disk...I've seen this on Windows a lot, and cleaning up (error checking etc) the hard drive sometimes helps.

      Also, what's running in the background when you boot up ? If your disk is OK, then something else may be working the CPU hard.

      anyway, just a few ideas to start with.

    13 years ago

    LOVE your site and the tips. I have a question. I have an apple script that brings all windows to the main window. (I use 2 monitors on my MacBook Pro using a ViDock, and if I'm on the road, sometimes the windows open on the "other" screen, even though it's not there.) The script gathers all windows back to the main one.

    The question: How do I put it in the "login items" so that it runs automatically when I start it up? I usually run it through Terminal, then exit there an easier way?


      13 years ago

      You need to open it in the AppleScript Editor application, and then save it out as a full "Application." Then you can add that application to your login items.

    13 years ago's now an '.rtf' file.

    Claire Gehrett
    13 years ago

    When i use my Safari I want to go directly to yahoo mail so I would like to add my email to the bookmark bar, not bookmark lists. How do I do that. I would like the bookmark bar to have *** on it.
    Thanks in advance if anyone can help

      13 years ago

      You can add your bookmark to your lists, or to the bar. Just pay attention to what you do when you add the bookmark. Or go to Bookmarks, Show All Bookmarks to arrange them. You can name the bookmark anything you want, too.

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