Mac Basics: Changing Your Desktop Background

You can set your Desktop Picture to a variety of dymanic or static images that Apple provides. You can also use a soild color or choose from one of your own photos or an image file.

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    Hyacinthe Miller
    3 years ago

    Unfortunately, on my MacBook Pro, I can set my desktop to the Default Big Sur desktop light or dark (not dynamic) but every time I wake up the laptop, there is another photo as the desktop. I’ll change it back but it has a mind of its own. I’ve tried deleting the desktop files in case they were corrupted but the same thing happens again. I have no access to the Change Picture option not can I change to another folder. Frustrating but not life-altering.

    3 years ago

    Hyacinthe: Do you mean on the login screen? Keep in mind that you don't see your Desktop background picture until you log in.

    Ellen Allard
    3 years ago

    After watching this video, I wondered whether you have YT video on organizing your Photos library.

    3 years ago

    Ellen: Several. See:

    3 years ago

    I create two albums in Photos named "Desktop" and "Screensaver" and drop the photos I like into each album. Makes it easy to change the Desktop Background

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