Mac Basics: Using the Finder’s Four Views

Learn how to use the Finder's four views: Icon, List, Column and Gallery. Each view has its advantages in different situtations.

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    4 years ago

    Gary. What view do you like to use when transferring files from one folder to another? I often end up opening two windows side by side for transferring a large number of files. Perhaps you could do a video covering the various options. You always have some cool tricks up your sleeve.

    4 years ago

    Darren: I usually use Column view. To move a file between two folders, if I can see the second folder in Column view then I just drag and drop within that window. Otherwise I drag and drop to the second tab, wait for it to switch to the tab, and drop it in there.

    4 years ago

    I tried this but the "Clean up" option was not available. What do you need to have in the folder of interest to make that option available?

    4 years ago

    Gene: You need to be in Icon view. Also, make sure you are looking in a regular folder not a special place like a Smart Folder or Recents or something.

    Terry Halloran
    3 years ago

    In windows explorer I can specify extra columns I want to see. In Finder I seem to be limited to just a few preset ones name, date etc. How do I specify extra fields con Finder that I want to view?

    3 years ago

    Terry: You aren't limited at all. Start watching at 3:00 and you'll see.

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