The Practical Guide To Mac Security: Part 16, Uninterruptible Power Supply

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Use an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) to prevent problems during power outages when using an iMac, Mac mini or Mac Pro.

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    Tim A
    3 years ago

    Does the new iMac with its external power supply obviate the need for surge protection like the MacBook/Air?

    3 years ago

    Tim: I hadn't thought about that. I think the fact that they really only cost a little more than a non-surge protection power strip makes it worthwhile to have even if it is just protecting the external power supply. Of course I wouldn't operate an iMac without a UPS. A MacBook has a battery, so a quick power outage won't affect it. But an iMac will switch off and that could damage the files you are working on or even files that are being used in the background. Get a UPS!

    Russell Tolman
    3 years ago

    You Staate that your UPS plugs into your USB port. I think I herd that right?

    Is that pretty standard on most UPS's or is that specific brand?


    3 years ago

    Russell: That is pretty standard, yes. But certainly check to make sure the one you want to buy has that feature. Or not. It isn't required, really. Most important is that you have a UPS. A nice feature to have in addition to that is that connection.

    Albert Katz
    3 years ago

    Gary, Your topics are so well explained. I checked my energy saver and lo and behold my UPS was disconnected from my new M1 iMac. I live in Florida, the brownout capital. BTW, M1 iMac is the best ever. Fast, responsive and love the Touch ID on keyboard. Thanks, Al

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