MacMost Now 27: MacWorld Expo Keynote

Gary Rosenzweig reports from MacWorld. Steve Jobs announces the Time Capsule Back-up Appliance, iPhone and iPod Touch updates, Apple TV Take 2, Movie Rentals, and The MacBook Air, The thinnest laptop in the world.
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Hi this is Gary Rosenzweig with MacMost Now. I'm standing outside Moscone South where Steve Jobs has just wrapped up his keynote for MacWorld 2008. Let's run through the announcements.
So the first announcement Steve made was a new Airport Extreme with a hard drive in it. IT's called the Time Capsule, and the idea is that if you use Time Machine on your MacBook or MacBook Pro remotely so you would just basically be hooked up to your wireless network at home, and it would automatically back up to the hard drive in it. There's a 500 gig version for $300 and a 1 terabyte version for $500.
Steve also announced an iPhone software update, which was largely expected. Just a few minor things. One is that Maps knows where you are based on local cell phone towers. Also you can make bookmarks of your favorite websites and put them on the customized home screen for the iPhone now. These are just software updates and they'll be pushed down for iPhone users later today.
There're also announcements for the iPod Touch. So the iPod touch got a few features that iPhone users have always had like mail, stocks, notes, and weather. These are mostly things that use the Wi-Fi connection on the iPod touch. They're gonna cost $20 for people that already bought the iPod touch, but new users will get them for free.
Another big announcement was iTunes movie rentals. You'll now be able to rent movies on iTunes from all the major studios. Looks like there's gonna be thousands of titles available, and they'll be available 30 days after the DVD release. It's gonna be $4 for new movies and $3 for some older titles. And you'll be able to stream these, so you'll be able to start watching before it completes download.
Apple TV's getting a software update. So all existing Apple TV users are going to be able to do new things like rent movies, subscribe to podcasts, look at photos on Flickr, and be able to do this cheaper too if you're a new user, $229 for an Apple TV now. You'll also be able to get HD rentals for $5, there are about 100 titles available.
Steve saved the best for last. It's a new super light, super thin laptop, called the MacBook Air. It's got a 13.3 inch screen, it's three quarters of an inch thick, it's got an 80 gig drive, 464 gig flash drive, and it's only about three pounds. It's got a super small 1.6 to 1.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor and it's got a multi-touch track pad, but no optical drive. That's going to be $99 extra. It's got 2 gigs memory standard. I think it's gonna prove to be a very popular laptop, and it's what a lot of people were wishing for. This is Gary Rosenzweig reporting from the Moscone Center in San Francisco at MacWorld 2008.
It's got an 80 gig drive, 464 gig flash drive and it's only about 3 pounds. It's go a super small 1.6-1.8 Intel Core 2 Duo processor.
Alright, that's one decent take. Way to segway.

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