Make Your iPhone Flash For Notifications

In addition to getting a sound and vibration when you get a notification, you can also choose to have your iPhone's light flash. You turn this on in the Accessibility settings. This can help anyone who may be in a situation where they can't hear or feel notifications, such as while listening to music or working in a situation where silence is needed.
Video Transcript / Captions
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So let's say you're in a situation where you can't hear or maybe feel the vibration of your phone when you get a notification. But you want to know and you do have the ability to actually see your phone. So it would be nice to get a visual alert. You can get it by having the light on your iPhone blink when you get a notification.

For instance, here I'm going to get a text message and I'm going to get a notification. The light is going to blink like that. It's pretty easy to actually turn this on if you know where to look.

The place to find this is if you look in Settings. Then you want to go to General. Under General go to Accessibility. There near the bottom you've got LED Flash for Alerts. So you want to have this turned on. Now once you turn it on there's going to be another switch for Flash on Silent. This is for a phone that has a ring switch and you can mute the sound. Then if you turn this on it will also work in that case. Otherwise, I believe, it just doesn't work there. Silent will silence the actual flashing light as well as any sound.

You do want to check your regular Notification settings because if Notifications are turned off for an app then it's not going to blink anymore than it's going to play a sound. You can find those at the top level of your Settings app under Notifications. There's something for every notification type or app. So, for instance, for Messages go in and make sure Allow Notifications is turned on otherwise you won't get any kind of notification including the blinking light.

This is really handy for things like say if you're wearing headphones and listening to music loudly you can just put your phone face down on the desk in front of you and you can see the light flashes pretty brightly. So chances are you'll see it. There's no downside, really, to having it on. It's not going to take up that much battery and you can still get the sound, still get the vibration, and add the light to it. So this is something that is useful beyond its original intention as an accessibility feature. It's something that everybody can use.