Previewing Images In the Finder

Learn how to preview a large number of images in macOS Finder. You can use the Preview pane, large icons, cover flow, the Quick Look window, the Preview app and the Finder slideshow feature. See how these techniques can help you quickly locate the right image.

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    Ihab A Hosny
    7 years ago

    Nice. Thank you.

    7 years ago

    WOW...thanks Gary for showing so many options for looking at my images. I look forward to getting the transcript as I'll never remember which view you need to be in to use some of these techniques. As usual, you're much appreciated...

    7 years ago

    Who knew?
    Many thanks.

    7 years ago

    This was very helpful, Gary!

    7 years ago

    Thanks so much, really appreciate it

    7 years ago

    Awesome picture of the diving station of a very old submarine. From retired submarine sailor.

    7 years ago

    Phil: Thanks. That's from the USS Bowfin in Pearl Harbor.

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