MacMost Now 305: Printing and Sharing from iPhoto

Gary Rosenzweig takes a look at the section on printing and sharing pictures from his new book the Guide to Switching to the Mac.
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On today's episode, I'm going to look at some of the information in my new book, The Guide to switching to the Mac. In chapter 16, on page 240, I start talking about what you can do with your photos once you have them in iPhoto. First, I talk about printing. Then, I talk about sharing.
There are two ways to print your photos from iPhoto. The first way is to use your own printer at home. The second, of course, is to send in your photos to Apple to have them printed professionally. Now, if you have a color printer at home, you should give printing using iPhoto a look. It actually has more options than you might think.
Here, I've selected four photos. I'm going to use Control-P or File, Print in order to print. I come out with some different options right away. I can print each individual photo on a different page. I can thumb thru the photos, and see how they'll look. I can also do a contact sheet, a simple border, a mat or a double mat.
On any one of these, I can then go ahead and customize, and it will show me what the pictures will look like. I can change the background or the borders. I also have some layout options, like I can do two on a page instead of one. See, I have all sorts of different things here that you can do, depending on which options you choose.
The other option is to print. You can print individual photos by sending them to Apple, but you can also go ahead and create different books that I think work better. The way that I recommend doing it is to press the + sign and create a new album. Once you have this album, you can go back to your photos and drag and drop the photos that you want into that album. Once you have that album complete, you can click on it to review what you've got there. Now, the next thing that you can do is select all the photos. Click on the keepsakes button on the bottom, and choose what you want. Choose a book. Select the theme of the book that you're going to want. It's going to go into this editor where you can basically drag and drop the photos into the different pages of your book. Once you've done that, you can review it by going back and forth, and then, you can click on the Buy Book button here. This will connect you to Apple which will give you the options for ordering your book.
Now, I have to report that I find the quality of both the individually printed pictures and the books to be excellent. I've actually switched to using books for all my photos for all of the different trips that I take, and just getting them printed that way to make an extra copy. You can also print it as a pdf right from iPhoto at no charge and save it and archive it with your backup so you always have a digital copy as well as a printed copy.
You can also share photos online very easily. You upload them to a web service. So you can select a bunch of pictures like this, and then hit Share. You've got several different options here. You have MobileMe, Facebook, or Flickr. You have to be signed up for these services. MobileMe costs while Facebook and Flickr are free. Facebook is completely free. Flickr has a pro version. Once you select one of these, you have several different things that you can do with it.
For instance, if I choose MobileMe here, it's going to give me several different options of who can view it, whether to include photo titles, and things like that. Go and look through those options for quick ways to share your photos without having to wait for them to get printed and physically see the person to show them your photo.
In addition, you can email photos to your friends. You can select photos, choose Share, and Email. It's going to give you some options the size of the photos to include, titles, descriptions. Then, it will compose a message which will launch your email program. Then, simply put those photos in there. Everything is done for you. All you need to do after closing the message is edit any additional text that you wish to include in the message, and just send it.
Other options for sharing include sending to sending to Idvd. Create something that someone can view in a DVD player, not even using a computer. You can also burn an actual ROM disk to DVD or CD to share with somebody or create an archive for yourself.
So, there's a quick look at the book's section on sharing or printing your photos from iPhoto. Until next time, this is Gary Rosenzweig with MacMost Now.

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    10 years ago

    Nice tip! Didn’t know you could save a book you assemble in iPhoto as a PDF for free. Thanks!

    9 years ago

    How do I block my photo`s from automatically going into screen savers/desktop ??

      9 years ago

      Not sure what you mean. If you don’t want your photos being used as a screen saver or a desktop image, then don’t select those options. You don’t need to use iPhoto pictures as your screen saver. Or, choose a specific album and don’t put pictures in there that you don’t want used. Same for desktop images.

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