Recording the Screen On Your iPhone Or iPad

You can record the screen of your device using iOS 11 to create a video. Previously you could only do this by connecting your iPhone or iPad to a Mac. This can be handy for capturing epic gameplay or simply documenting a problem in an app. The video is saved to your Photos library.
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So a completely new feature of iOS 11 is the ability to record your screen. I'm not talking about a screenshot which is a single image. I'm talking about actual video showing what's going on on your iPhone or iPad screen.

So in iOS 11 in order to do this you first need to do a little something in Settings. So let's go into the Settings app. In the Settings app we'll go to Control Center. Now right here on the iPad the only option I've got is Customize Controls. On the iPhone you'll find a little more. One of the controls I need to have there is Screen Recording. So you can see there I already have it added. I could remove it and it goes down to the bottom and then you can see how I add it just by tapping it. As long as it's at the top under Include then I'll have access to this.

So now let's go back to the main screen. How do we start it? Well, all we need to do is bring up Control Center. So you do that in various ways depending upon your device. On most iOS devices I drag up from the bottom of the screen and I get to the App Switcher with the Control Center on the right. On the iPhone X you're going to have to drag down from the upper right corner.

Now you notice a bunch of buttons there at the bottom. These are buttons that some of them are there by default and are always there. They are permanent. Others I have added. They are part of that Include list. The record one is a circle with another circle around it. Now it didn't fit at the bottom so it's in the next row at the top right there. That's the record button. So depending upon how many items you've got there is where you'll see that. But the button looks the same.

Now to start recording I just tap it. So now you'll see a red bar at the top showing that it's recording. You can do whatever you want here. I'm just going to go and swipe between screens. But you can go to a game and do whatever you need to do. To Stop you want to go and bring up the Control Center again. Then you'll see the red flashing icon there for the button. Press it and it'll stop recording.

Now you go to your Photos app to find it. You'll find it in your Recent photos. You'll find it under Videos. You go in and it's just a standard video here. It's playing back exactly what it saw. So you can do various things with this video. For instance you can Edit it and then Trim. So you can use the Trim controls at the bottom. The same controls that you would use if you were taking a video using your iPad's camera. You hit Done and save the trimmed video as a new clip. You can Share it, Delete it, whatever else you want to do with this video. It's just standard video. So you can insert it in other videos you make. Use it in iMovie. Whatever you want.

Of course I'm not using this feature to record this. This is new for iOS 11. For a long time there's been the ability to record your video from the screen of your iPad or iPhone onto your Mac as long as it is connected with a cable. That's what I'm using to record all the tutorials. But this is different because this allows you to record the screen without any other device around. So you can just record what's going on on your iPhone screen or your iPad screen without hooking it up to anything or having any other device available.

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    1 year ago

    Well, put the button in control center, but it remained greyed out. Snooped a little and found ‘Screen Recording’ off in Settings/General/Restrictions. Don’t know if it was off by default, or if I shut it off sometime in the past. Hope it helps, cool videos, Thanks!

    Chaz COne
    1 year ago

    You didn’t say but it doesn’t record audio as well which makes it less useful as a help to others?

    Dan Merchant
    1 year ago

    This is great. Is there a way to capture sound, too, when recording?

    1 year ago

    Dan: Force-click the record button and you can select on/off for the mic.

    Christy Hemenway
    1 year ago

    Way awesome. Thank you Gary!

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