Setting Mailbox Behaviors

For each account you have set up in Mail Mail, you have the ability to set mailbox behaviors. These determine where messages are stored. You can set the destination for sent email, drafts, junk, deleted and archived messages. Your options will depend on your email service. When possible set these to use the cloud-based options so that the messages are seen across all of your devices.

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    6 years ago

    Where did the "Not junk mail" option go?

    6 years ago

    Pattyx: The "Not Junk" button will appear above a piece of email that has been marked as junk by Mac Mail's junk mail filtering option. But if you are not using junk mail filtering in Mac Mail, then it won't appear. I don't recommend anyone use Mac Mail's junk mail filtering, which is as problematic as any client-side junk filter. Instead, rely on your email server to do the junk mail filtering.
    Moving a message to the junk mail mailbox indicates it is junk mail. To reverse that, or to tell your email server that a message in junk is not junk, simply go into your junk mail mailbox and remove it from there -- such as move it to the inbox or archive folder.

    Joseph Hagedorn
    6 years ago

    I have iCloud. I use Apple Mail and msn mail which use the same password. Sometimes, my msn mail appears automatically on my iPhone. But when I try to access it myself, the iPhone will not accept my password. If I have iCloud, isn't iPhone supposed automatically to accept the same password used for Apple mail and msn mail?

    Also if I click on "mail" on the iPhone, current mail is not shown, only mail sometimes from 2017 or 2015.

    My 2015 MacBook also skips keys and fails to space words.

    6 years ago

    Joseph: First, you should never use the same password for anything, let alone something as important as your email. That's a security thing, but it also may be confusing the problem here. So I would change your MSN password to some other strong random password. iCloud may make it easier to "sync" your email accounts by remembering your password. But it sounds like you are having trouble with MSN. In fact, it sounds like you are having a lot of trouble with Mail and other things. I recommend a firsthand look at these problems by an expert -- go to the Genius Bar.

    6 years ago

    As far as I can tell, using gmail, the "read" mail and the archived mail take up the same amount of space on gmail's server. After watching the video, I started archiving a few years' worth of read mail, and it did not seem to make a dent in what Google shows in my storage availability.

    6 years ago

    Carol: In Gmail, "read" would just be a flag that you have looked at it. When you "archive" something you are removing the "inbox" label. Explaining how Gmail works is getting a little off-topic here, but if you Google "understanding gmail labels" you can find out more.

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