MacMost Now 821: Spell Checking In Multiple Language In Pages

If you have more than one language in your Pages document, it can be useful to set the language for individual passages so that the spell check function recognizes the words from the correct dictionary. You can also set a passage to All or None to further help spell check the document. You can find tips like this and more in my book 'My Pages'
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Hi this is Gary with MacMost Now. On today's episode let's look at how to use multiple languages in Pages so that Spell Checking works correctly.

Okay, so say you are writing something in Pages and you have a passage in there that is in a different language. Well you are going to get all these red underline marks and flags in SpellCheck because all the words seem to be spelled wrong. But you can set Pages so that it understands that portion is in a different language.

So here I have a simple document open in Pages. You can see that I start off with a quote that is in French. It has all of these red underline marks here because the SpellChecker has been triggered. You can see the quote then is repeated in English and it is fine. Now what I would like to be able to do is to tell Pages that this is in French and spell check it in French rather than in English.

So I'm going to start off by highlighting, by selecting, this section here that is in French. Then I'm going to bring up the Inspector. Now in the Inspector the section I want to go to is in the Text part. Under Text I want to go to More. Here you will see a listing for Language. I can change the language for the selected area.

So I'm going to change this to French. You can see here it understands that this section is in French. If I were to click over here to this section you can see that it understands that is in English; click back in here and it knows that is in French.

Now here is another interesting setting you can use. You can select a portion or the entire thing, select All, and I can change the Language to All and now it will spell check taking into account all words in all different languages. So it is good if you are constantly switching between languages.

Likewise you could also select None. So let's go back here and show it again all in English and let's say I just don't even want to deal with spell checking in this section. I can say None and now spell checking is essentially turned off for this section in here. It could be useful if the language isn't listed or perhaps you've got some place holder text in there that is a bunch of gibberish or you've put something in there with lots of different names or things like that you can set the Language to None for that section. You can see that the other section here when I click on it is set to English while this section is set to None.

So I hope you found this tip useful and if you use Pages you may want to pick up my book which is called, "My Pages". You can get this in bookstores and online sites around the world and it has lots of useful tips like this one which is on page 221.

Until next time this is Gary with MacMost Now.

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    Where can I get your Pages Book?

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      Just about anywhere they sell books. Online at Amazon ( or other stores. In any major bookstore — of course few will stock even a small amount of computer books these days, so you may have to ask them to order it if they don’t have it in stock.

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