MacMost Now 687: Storing and Reading Documents With GoodReader For iOS

iOS doesn't use a file system like a computer. Documents are stored with an their app. GoodReader is an app that lets you store and read a variety of documents on your iPad or iPhone. You can transfer files using iTunes, Dropbox, your own server or any number of other methods.

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    9 years ago

    Hey Gary,

    I’m considering buying an iPad for University so I won’t have to carry around my MacBook all the time and I’ve already read a lot of good reviews about GoodReader so I was wondering if this App actually makes it possible to add notes to pdf documents and print them later on vía AirPrint directly from the App?

      9 years ago

      Yes. I just tried it for you. I opened a PDF. Then I added some text and a circle. Then I printed with AirPrint and the annotations were there.

        Daniel B
        8 years ago

        Hi Gary,

        I’m a consultant and I use GoodReader on my iPad 2 to annotate PDF documents. I prefer to have my annotation on a digital support instead of on a paper document. It is more useful for me. I always have my files with me, available on my iPad and my iPhone.

    9 years ago

    Thanks a lot Gary, good to know that it’ll just work out perfectly for my needs.
    Keep up the good work!

    Peter Emery
    9 years ago

    Is there any reason why you restricted the demonstration to documents only? GoodReader can be used to zip & unzip files or folders, which is useful if you receive a zipped folder via Mail. There’s much more to GoodReader than just reading/editing of documents.

    9 years ago

    iCloud doesn’t show up in my list of files using GoodReader. Is this something you have access to thru developer access to Mountain Lion?

      9 years ago

      This is an iPad app. It has nothing to do with Mountain Lion. Not sure why you aren’t seeing iCloud as an option.

    9 years ago

    When I purchased my iPhone I wanted an app which could read PDFs and GoodReader was my choice.

    I liked to have my dSLRs owner’s manual on-hand for when I needed to change settings, which were buried in menus. It was and remains a great PDF reader.

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