MacMost: File Sharing

10 Reasons You Should Be Using AirDrop To Transfer Files
AirDrop is the best way to transfer files between Apple devices in most cases. Learn why you should be using AirDrop instead of file sharing or cloud services for file transfer.
Share Photos Between iPhones With AirDrop
If you take a photo of someone with your iPhone and they have an iPhone too, you can immediately share the photo with them using AirDrop. To use AirDrop, you don't need to be on the same Wi-Fi network or have set up anything in advance. The photo sent is the full resolution image. This can be easier than exchanging phones to take pictures of each other or trying to take the same photo twice.
MacMost Now 923: Using AirDrop For iOS
AirDrop for iOS is a new feature of iOS 7 that allows you to send a photo or other document from one iOS device to another one nearby, without using a network. You can easily send photos to friends or share notes, contacts and other app documents.
MacMost Now 800: Putting Files On Your iPhone With DropBox
Often the fastest and easiest way to get a document to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch is to use DropBox. This service and free app allow you to sync a folder between your computer and your iOS device using the free app. So you can quickly drag and drop files to your DropBox folder and then they will appear on your iOS device. You can use the app to view a variety of file types.
MacMost Now 793: Ignore Ownership On External Drives
If you use an external drive to share music, photos or other files, then you should know about the "Ignore ownership on this volume" option. This allows you to have multiple users on the same Mac, or multiple users across several Macs to have the same access to files and folders regardless of which user put them there. It can greatly simplify sharing the data on an external drive.
MacMost Now 773: Storing iTunes Music On a Shared Drive
By making one change in your iTunes preferences, you can use music in iTunes that is stored outside of your Music folder. This allows you to collect and organize your music on a shared drive and still have it play within iTunes. You can then have those same music file available to other Macs on your network.
MacMost Now 714: Sharing a Drive Between Mac and PC
Learn about the different hard drive formats like Mac OS, NTFS and FAT32. Find out how you can use NTFS drives with a Mac, and Mac OS drives using Windows. See how FAT32 formatted drives can be used to store files accessible to both systems.
MacMost Now 709: Google Drive
Google Drive is a new cloud storage system that is tied into Google Docs and your Gmail account. It is similar to DropBox and also offers a reasonable amount of storage space for free. You can use it to sync documents between your Macs or simply keep backup copies. You can also share Google Drive files with others.
MacMost Now 703: Five Ways To Share Music In iTunes
There are many ways to share music between computers and user accounts with iTunes. The one you choose depends on with which devices and computers your are sharing. iTunes Match may be the ultimate method for a single person, but iTunes Home Sharing allows you to share music with other people whom have separate iTunes accounts.
MacMost Now 607: Sharing Files With DropBox
In addition to using DropBox to sync files between your Macs, you can also use it to share files with friends. You can make a file public and provide your friends with a link to it. You can also share a folder between friends with DropBox accounts. There is even a special photo galleries folder that will allow you to share photos easily.
MacMost Now 591: Sharing CDs and DVDs Between Macs
The MacBook Air and Mac mini have no optical drives. You can get an external drive for $79, or you can share the optical drive on another Mac on your network. Learn how CD and DVD drive sharing works.
MacMost Now 583: Using Lion AirDrop
The AirDrop feature of Lion allows you to send files between Macs. It works without a shared wifi connection, but requires two Macs that have very recent wifi hardware.