Taking Photos While Recording Video

On the iPhone and iPad you can record video and at the same time take still photos. This can come in useful if you can't decide where to capture a scene in one of the other, or you want to record video of an event and also take high-resolution photos while recording.
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Here's a really useful feature of the iPhone and iPad Camera app that I don't think a lot of people know about. It's kind of hidden. It's not obvious. If you think about it, of course, you can do this. You can take a picture while you're recording a video.

So you're in a situation where you see a beautiful scene or something is going on and you have to choose am I going to take video of this or am I going to take pictures of this. You don't have to choose. You can actually start recording a video and then while you're recording the video take snapshots. You're taking full resolution regular snapshots with your iPhone. Let's take a look at how this works.

Here I am in the Camera app and I've chosen to take a video. I'm going to hit the Record button. The big red button there and start recording the video. Now as soon as you start recording the video notice that the round red portion of the button changes to a square. That means it's recording video now.

But also notice at the bottom right corner you have a camera shutter button. You can actually tap this at any time to take a picture. So let me go and try to do that here. I will tap it and there you can see it blink once. I'm going to take a second and a third photo as well. It actually has taken three pictures while I was recording the video. The pictures didn't interrupt the video at all. The recording of the video didn't actually stop any kind of quality or anything going on with the photos that I was doing.

So now that I've got those I can actually now look in my Photos app there or just go to within the Camera app and you can see there is the video as you would expect to find it. So how about the photos. Well, the photos are going to be in there as well but, as you can imagine, they appear before the video because the time stamp is actually before the video. The video is going to have the time stamp of when you finished. But if I go back you can see there's one, two, three photos in my Photos app. So I got three photos and the video all done at the same time.

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    Alma Dell
    11 months ago

    I did not know how to take single pics while making video!! Many thanks!!

    John jam
    11 months ago

    Thanks for this. Wish I used this feature at event last night. I will be using it a lot.
    Hope the video smooths out the photo space.

    Clive Dyson
    11 months ago

    Thanks for this very informative video. However I have a new ipad, bought a few weeks ago but it doesn’t seem to have this extra camera button to take still shots while videoing. I have checked in settings to see if I have missed something but the settings seem right. Can you please tell me what I’m doing wrong? Thanks.

    11 months ago

    Clive: Not sure. Perhaps it is dependent on the model?

    Gary Rosenzweig
    11 months ago

    Test 10

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