Understanding Mac Mail Signatures

Setting up email signatures in Mac Mail can be confusing as signatures you create may not seem to be available after you create them. Learn how to create and manage your signatures, set default signatures, and choose alternatives.

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    Bob McLeod
    2 years ago

    This Mail signatures session was so very helpful, well, as I am finding all your mini tutorials to be.

    Many thanks indeed. (Now, to go and check out your proper courses.)


    Jon Paris
    2 years ago

    Any hints on how to trouble-shoot when signatures don't work Gary?

    On all but one of my accounts the signature works just fine. But even though my main account has a signature (actually there are now two) when I use that account for email no signature shows up.

    Having gone through this video I thought perhaps the selector might be my salvation but when I tried to use it "None" was the only option.

    Any ideas?

    2 years ago

    Jon: Watch the video carefully. Make sure you have assigned the signatures you want to the accounts you want.

    jon paris
    2 years ago

    Yup - followed all steps. Even removed the old signature and created a new version. Guess I'll call Apple Support and see what they have to say.

    Bill Neff
    2 years ago

    I really enjoyed this detailed explanation on signatures. I’ve had trouble with signatures in the past and NEVER thought about DRAGGING the signature to each email address! What a revelation!

    Stan Scardino
    2 years ago

    Very helpful. As a returning MAC user (last used on laptop in mid-90’s) I am often looking for something like this lesson on Signatures…like someone else, I had created signatures but could not get them to display…now they do!

    Lawrence R Simas Sr
    12 months ago

    Like so many others I too had problems with the adding of signatures :-( Not anymore !! Thanks Mr. Gary!! Love your videos ;-)

    Larry Isaacs
    11 months ago

    Have set up different signatures and assigned each to their prospective email account. When starting a new email, the default signature does show up as expected on each account. However, I do not get that dropdown menu on the email to allow me to change the signature for that email account even though I do have more than one signature in the account. How do I get that dropdown menu to appear?

    11 months ago

    Larry: Just go back into Mail, Settings and double-check everything to make sure you have more than one signature assigned to that account.

    Larry Isaacs
    11 months ago

    Hi Gary: As you suggested I did go in the make sure I had more than one signature in my email accounts. I had 3 signatures in my iCloud mail account, 3 signatures in my Exchange email account and one in my gmail account. I do get a drop down menu on the "From" line that will allow me to change the account from which I am mailing from, however, the rest of that line is blank, therefore no drop down menu that would allow me to change the signature for that given account.

    11 months ago

    Larry: Not sure why you aren't seeing there, sorry.

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