Use On an iPad or iPhone

Usually you cannot use on an iPad or iPhone because you are automatically redirected to a screen that asks you to set up iCloud on the device. But by using the Request Desktop Site button, you can access your account on someone else's iPad or iPhone, or access settings on your own iOS device.

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    Mr. Luigi
    7 years ago

    Genius tip! Thank you!

    7 years ago

    Another method to request for "Request for Desktop Site" function, is to tap and hold on the reload icon at the far right of the URL address bar. It will also prompt for the same function.

    Gary Bart
    7 years ago

    Wonderful video, I just wonder why apple make this so difficult in the first place. Thank You.
    gary b

    Bill Braun
    7 years ago

    This is great - I have often wondered how to get there, but never knew about this option. Thanks much, I really enjoy you tips and find them very useful.

    7 years ago

    Can I use this method to check my Apple Mail from an Android phone? Or is there another way since Apple seems to have blocked the generic Android Mail app from accessing Apple Mail?

    7 years ago

    Nate: Yes. Try it. But also note that you can set up your Android email app to get your iCloud email. Apple even has a page about it:

    Barry Lewis
    7 years ago

    As ectan says, tap and hold the Refresh icon in the URL bar and you'll see the option to "Request Desktop Site" at the bottom.

    7 years ago

    I did this successfully on my iPhone 7, but was unable to pan around the screen to accomplish tasks. I was trying to generate an app specific password, but was unable to do this as I couldn't pin, zoom, or pan. I tried my iPhone in both orientations, but that didn't help. I had a similar experience trying to pan or pinch on my iPad. I effectively couldn't accomplish anything within iCloud Settings on my iPad. Do you have any ideas on this, Gary? Thanks.

    7 years ago

    Larry: It is tough to do on an iPhone. Looks like the current site code doesn't let you zoom or pan for some reason. Hopefully they will update to fix that.

    7 years ago

    Great tip - this has been annoying me for ages! Thanks

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