Using Drag and Drop On Your iPhone or iPad

Drag-and-drop on the iPhone is greatly improved in iOS 15. You can now drag images, files, text and other items between apps. To do this you'll need to master use multiple fingers to drag at the same time as you switch apps.

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    Razvan Mihai
    2 years ago

    Gary: This is great. I have always wanted to link a specific mail to Notes or Calendar in iOS, similar to how it is possible on iPadOS or macOS. Your video prompted me to try this again - it finally works! I find it much easier to do this with two hands, though. In my scenario above, I press and hold a specific mail with the left-hand thumb and do the moving part with the right-hand index or thumb.

    Michael Scott
    2 years ago

    Hi Gary,
    This is great. I have a need to copy multiple files from Notes to OneDrive. I would not be able to do it without this shortcut. For some reason, if I share a document scan Note with OneDrive, it transfers as a PDF, which is what I need. But if I drag and drop notes they show up as something called an RTFD file, which I can't open. Thanks in advance if you can shed any light on this.

    Jeanne Dyer
    2 years ago

    Wonderful! Great demonstration of drag and drop on iPhone. Thanks.

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