Using iMovie Backgrounds As Placeholders

You can use backgrounds in iMovie in a number of ways. They can be placeholders between clips, or backgrounds to elements like titles. You can also put backgrounds on top of other video as overlays. Backgrounds can be customized somewhat, or you can use your own image or photo.

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    Stuart J
    10 years ago

    Another homerun Gary.
    You dug into something I use all the time (backgrounds for titles) and showed me how to personalize the background and use overlays, too. I I hadn't even realized that was possible.
    C'mon folks, LIKE this, spread the word.
    With enough clicks maybe Gary will write/vid the Compleat Neat iMovie Manual.

    10 years ago

    Very Nice Gary.
    Love all of the helpful videos towards iMovie.

    10 years ago

    Did not know you could do that...great info,thanks.

    10 years ago

    A couple of new ideas to on your iMovie. Thanks, Gary

    10 years ago

    Whatever I have learned about using iMovie is more or less entirely from your videos. Thanks Gary

    10 years ago

    Great info. We learn something new every time.

    10 years ago

    Thanks Gary, I was devastated by the loss of iMovie 9, but you've shown me how iMovie 10 has all the old power and then some, it's just a little hidden. The combination of a picture and background was eye-opening.

    10 years ago

    Thanks for the clear and easy to follow tutorial.Is it possible to replace the video footage from a clip with an image and use the audio as a voiceover? I have a video conference that I recorded and I want to put a generic image in some places during the video. Thanks in advance!

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