Using Mac Notes For Files and Other Objects

If you are using the Notes app only to store simple text, then you are missing out on some of its advanced features. You can store images, videos, audio, links, map locations and many other things in Notes. You can also add checklists and tables. Objects stored in notes can be examined and also exported and shared.

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    Doris Slattery
    6 years ago

    Can I save an email or text message in Notes and if so how?

    6 years ago

    Doris: Try it. You can drag-and-drop an email message from Mail into Notes and it will be a link to that message in Mail. You can also, of course, copy and paste text from a message into notes, which may be more useful in most cases. As for text messages, you can copy and paste message contents like you can with any other text.

    6 years ago

    Thanks for the tuto Gary. Can I scan via the camera directly into Notes ?

    6 years ago

    Jean-Marc: that is a big feature of Notes for iPhone and iOS, but not Mac. It works out well if you are using iCloud.

    Terry Haddow
    6 years ago

    Gary - you used the word “link” for items added. Are they linked to your hard drive or do they do a copy ? In other words - if you add a file to notes ( say - from your doc folder) then delete it from your doc folder, is the file still available in Notes ?

    6 years ago

    In some cases a link (web pages, mail, maps) and in other cases the media is actually inserted. It is usually easy to tell. But you could always run a simple test. Just create duplicate file of something, drag and drop it into Notes, then delete the file. See what happens.

    6 years ago

    Eighteen months after purchasing this macbook I'm still on a learning much info in your easy to follow newsletters that I'm really grateful for..this article especially as I'm always forgetting what audio or e-books I've already loaded onto my player and tend to spend a lot of time checking.
    Using Notes to drop the folders into makes a edious task so simple.

    William P
    6 years ago

    It would be nice if notes had an option to encrypt text. I use Microsoft OneNote to get a shared notebook with an encryption option. Some of the info on my notes is private and I don’t want it shared publicly.

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