Using Temporary Finder Tags To Gather Files

Tags are useful for many things. One idea is to use them to flag files to gather them together for a single use without moving the files from the folders where they reside. For instance, you may want to gather together files to send to someone or save a copy to an archive.

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    Peter Hall
    6 years ago

    That was a great video. It would be nice if you could tag files say Orange Quilt Show, or green Golf Outing or yellow Grandkids.

    6 years ago

    Peter: You can. In Finder, Preferences, Tags, you can add more and rename existing tags. I'll do a new general video on using Tags soon.

    6 years ago

    As always, a great video! Thanks

    Bert Mullemeister
    6 years ago

    Hi I have "lost" my tags n my iMac 5K ...and all the colours except a Green one (Yes I did not hide them)
    Tried various things to get them back, but unsuccessful
    Hope you have a solution

    6 years ago

    Bert: Did you simply try adding new ones? Just add a new one and see what happens.

    6 years ago

    This was great. As a new Apple user, I need all the help I can get. It really is simple. Thank you 🙂

    6 years ago

    Fantastic! Never knew about using the tag function in this way. Very useful!

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