Using the iOS Podcasts App

The Podcasts app in iOS 11 allows you to subscribe to podcasts, download their episodes, and listen or watch them. You can browse the iTunes store for shows and grab an individual episode or subscribe to the whole show. You can set up the app to download new episodes automatically. You can create a playlist, called a Station, to group together new episodes of shows and have them ready to listen to when you want to enjoy your podcasts.

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    7 years ago

    The one question I have is, how can I make it show only the podcasts which I've downloaded to the phone? Whether I use the phone app or CarPlay, I see many episodes with the cloud download icon. I don't want to use cellular data for just downloading podcasts -- I've always had the option turned off -- so I don't need to see which podcasts aren't loaded. I'm trying to use iTunes on my MB Pro to sync them instead, treating the phone like an old-school iPod without mobile data.

    7 years ago

    Leland: Not sure you can. It probably would get confusing the other way -- with people going into that "only podcasts I have downloaded" mode and then wondering why new shows aren't listed.
    But if you have "Only Download on Wi-Fi" turned on, then it shouldn't matter. It won't download over Wi-Fi, so it should just skip those when playing in a sequence.

    7 years ago

    Gary-great video, got me to use Apple's Podcast app again. Quick question; I've got the app all set up with podcasts to download automatically, how do you get the red number badge to display on the app icon? Does this app do that? Be nice to know when there are new podcasts to listen to without having to open the app. Thanks!

    7 years ago

    George: I don't know if the app uses the badge icon number for anything. I have new podcast episodes in mine right now, but no badge is shown.

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