What Are These Symbols On My iPhone?

Ever wonder what the arrow at the top of your iPhone means? Or green dot, orange dot, padlock with a circle around it, moon, spaceship or bed mean?

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    Michael R Ross
    2 years ago

    I didn't see VPN mentioned. My niece's kid had it showing up on his school supplied iPad. The school district has locked down these iPads so I told her it was benign (I hope) and the school district had them going through a Virtual Private Network for security/tracking and parental controls.

    2 years ago

    Status icons and symbols on your iPhone

    Terry-Lynne Morehouse
    2 years ago

    What are the 3 round red lights found top of phone in the black dip area, between the time display and the cell/wifi/battery display for? You can only see them with sunglasses on and when sunshine on screen.

    2 years ago

    Terry-Lynne: Do you mean in the center, in the notch? Those aren't lights, they are variety of sensors like the front-facing camera, the true-depth camera (for Face ID), the ambient light sensor and some other things depending on the model. Perhaps you are seeing the refection of light in the optics of these sensors.

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