MacMost Now 391: Wrapping Text Around Images in iWork Pages

Learn how to wrap text around images using either a one or two column layout. Find out how to use images with an alpha channel, images with a solid background, or define a shape to wrap the text around. Also, find out how to crop images.

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    9 years ago

    Excellent, there is everything in Pages now toself publish a book. Now, if you use Pages with wrapped images to create a single electronic non fiction book, is there a company that can make the binding / hardcover for the book? In other words self publish the book, but with Pages as the word processor.

      9 years ago

      There are lots of companies that will publish a book for you. In most cases you can use Pages because they don’t care what program you use. You export PDF files from any program and provide those.

    9 years ago

    Awesome tips Gary. Best on the web!

    Torsten Persson
    8 years ago

    Thanks Gary!

    Very straight forward and informative!

    7 years ago

    Thank you seems such a little return for the benefits you’ve given me.
    Thank you,

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