Wrapping Text Around Images In Pages

Learn how to wrap text around complex images in Pages. You can make your text wrap around non-square images using a variety of techniques. You can use an alpha-channeled semi-transparent image, use an image with a solid-color background, or set the wrapping of the image manually using a custom shape.

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    Ron Paris
    9 years ago

    Hi Gary,
    This was helpful, thanks. Do you think linked text boxes will ever return to Pages?

      9 years ago

      No way for me to guess. It is probably the case where Apple wants to position Pages as a home-user word processor and leave things like complex page layout to the many good page layout apps out there for Mac.

        Terry Haddow
        9 years ago

        Which is a shame - because I really thought they would try to rival the business world with the latest version. I like it - but there are a few (business necessary) features they dropped.
        Your videos are (as always) informative and concise. Thanks.

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