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Script to format text of selection of numbers cells, with first letter of each word capitalized. TOM JONES becomes Tom Jones GEORGE FORMAN becomes George Forman and so on… Retyping each cell to capitalize from ALL CAPS is way too time consuming. Also selecting text of ... (7 Comments)
Im trying to use shortcuts to clean up my mac by closing programs and cleaning up folders and for the most part have got it to accomplish what I need, but what I’m really having trouble getting it to do is automatically empty my trash. Is there a way to have it empty your ... (3 Comments)
Is it possible to auto-rotate the wallpaper so a different photo is there each day? (Besides manually changing it). I want to vary the wallpaper each day without having to manually click on a photo to make it the wallpaper. (In Ventura.) —– David P ... (2 Comments)
Hi! Working on blog posts in which I need to create fractions. I will be using 4 shapes to create these fractions – circles, squares, rectangles and hexagons. I need a way to create a fraction such as 3/4 using a circle then only shade in/apply color to 3 of the 4 ... (3 Comments)
Explained to us in the link: How to link the same cell to the cell in another table. But it is not available in the iCloud version. It does not work in the same way as on the desktop. I would be grateful if you give me the reason. My ... (1 Comment)
Periodically in Numbers, I will find my screen with the magnification set at a custom percentage, ex: 137%. This is not something I have done. How is that accomplished? I want to accomplish what I described in the previous screen. —– Dennis ... (1 Comment)
Apple just released “Advanced Data Protection for iCloud”. I am curious to hear your take on this. For those of us that do not have any sensitive data in the apps it protects, is it worth while having turned on (giving that losing the ‘key’ would ... (1 Comment)
Is it possible to change the Options for Guided Access as per your recent ‘Short’ video? I set Guided Access up but didn’t correctly turn off all the options in line with your short tutorial. Can I reset Guided Access and start again for example so I can select ... (6 Comments)
A user name is usually requested when setting up general online accounts, using ones email is a common practice. Is there a better or more secure practice? In process of changing to a new email address, found that it might’ve been better if I didn’t use my email as ... (1 Comment)
Hi, I know how to add “Accessibility” ((Preference Pane) to the Dock. Is it possible to add just the “Voice Control” from “Accessibly” to the Dock? Thnaks Robbie I have some vision problems and it would be less steps to have Voice Control in ... (3 Comments)
Can you somehow have dictation avoid certain words in a vocabulary? When I recently sent a typical Dad comment to daughter like…”Buck up there sweetheart”, Apple’s fine repertoire came up with an alternate to the word “buck” and it’s not ... (2 Comments)
I have been using Photos for many years now. I have a client that uploads her videos to a Shared Folder in Photos and I used to be able to export “the unmodified original” in Photos 3 and it retained the creation date. Thankfully, I still have a copy that I can use, ... (4 Comments)
I found that SMS was turned off on my iPhone. After I turned it on I was able to send Messages to an Android phone. When I tried to send a message from my iPad it didn’t work and I could find NO setting to turn SMS ON. How can I send a message to my son who uses a Samsung ... (4 Comments)
I want to have all the folders I’ve set up in my Apple Mail be saved to iCloud so that I can access those saved folders from any Apple device – MacBook Air and IOS phones. Example, on my present iMac desktop Catalina late 2013 production, I have hundreds of folders ... (3 Comments)
Excel has a feature that allows you to take a formula and convert it to text (copy and paste as a value) and I can’t find it in Numbers. Trying to convert a value like “2022.12.04 07:50 AM” to date format 12/04/2022. I’ve used the functions CONCATENATE, ... (1 Comment)
I am trying to print mailing labels. The labels are printing Last Name and First Name. I like to print Fist Name and then Last Name. In the setting I have it setup First Name but it still prints the labels wrong. Why is Mailing label print Last Name first then First Name ... (2 Comments)
Hi! Is there any way to link from text to an image within the same Pages document? Can I click on a text and be redirected to an image? Thanks :) I want the images to be at the end of my text and I want the reader to click on a word and be redirected to the image, like a ... (2 Comments)
Using Ventura can I request all multiple duplicates to be merged with one command in place of individually merging two or three duplicates together? I have over 50.000 duplicates. I just want to the photos app to merger all duplicates with one action. —– Tom C. ... (3 Comments)
I edit my photos in Photos. Is there a way to mass edit a group of photos? I find that when I’m editing a group of wildlife pics, I make some of the same adjustments on all of the pics. It would save time to be able to make the same edits all at once. I would like to ... (1 Comment)
How do you spread text across multiple columns? I have five columns and I want a universal header centered and spread across all those columns. In this example, “Samsung TV Auto Equalizer On” does not spread as below but fills a single column. Channel ... (1 Comment)