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Hello, Is it possible to have a watermark PNG the entire way through a video when having split screen stills. I want to watermark the entire video. I’m trying to create a series of 60 second videos for social media. —– Darren ... (2 Comments)
The existing Password protecting a Cruzer Blade USB Memory stick needs to be changed to a new one. How can this be achieved please. Thanks. To provide a stronger more secure password. —– David ... (3 Comments)
Hi Gary, I’d like to download and save an entire iMessage thread for posterity. I can no longer find iMessages in iCloud via the web based interface. —– Darren ... (4 Comments)
I share a Mac mini with my wife. I have the administrator account, my wife has a standard account. In my Documents folder, I have a folder containing subfolders on subjects of mutual interest: finances, insurances, home maintenance, car, medical matters etc., but my wife also has ... (1 Comment)
I like to use my AirPods Pro2 to command Siri to play specific music (playlists, artists, songs, albums) that resides in the Music app on on my iPhone 11 Pro. Most of the time Siri uses my cellular connection to play music from Apple Music rather than playing the music that ... (6 Comments)
I have a MacbookPro from 2022 with Ventura and I would like to use my iMac from spring 2010 (Yosemite) as an external monitor for my MacbookPro. Is this possible and if yes what do I have to do to make this work? I tried connecting the two computers with a cable (Miniport for the ... (1 Comment)
I have some cells that use the results of a formula, for example =”Today is: “& TODAY() and I would like to have the two parts in different text color (without making two separate cells). Is this possible? I have several cells with similar setup and would like ... (1 Comment)
View post on I have a spreadsheet for my work. I want to know how or what formula to use to get the Height of Tide (HOT) base on the Eta of the ship. The Eta cell is formatted to DD Mmm YYYY @ HH:mmLT? Eg:- EXTRACT FROM TIDE TABLE DEC ... (12 Comments)
I would like to use conditional highlighting to highlight cells that are equal to 0 but are not blank. It seems that Number assumes a blank cell that is formatted as a number is equal to 0. I know from your videos that you can use conditional formatting to make a cell that ... (2 Comments)
Is it possible to toggle the “Silence Unknown Callers” setting via a shortcut on y phone? I figured it would be easy to have a macro for that when you need to turn that shutting on and off to accept the phone call from somebody you don’t know what the number ... (5 Comments)
Gary did a YouTube video a few years ago about ‘Saving and recalling window positions with Automator’. I use an app called ‘Ecamm Live’ which uses 8+ windows and users seem to have them scattered around their screens. I would like the equivalent of ... (1 Comment)
Hi Gary, I have a daily routine where I open a couple of Web sites and a couple of Numbers spreadsheets… so I created a shortcut that do that and pinned it on the menu bar. My shortcut looks like this : – Open URL 1 in Safari – Open Spreadsheet 1 in ... (6 Comments)
I have a worksheet of text in Numbers where some cells have a blank line between the text. How do I run a routine across the whole worksheet to remove all the blank lines as I can’t seem to make ‘Find/Replace’ achieve this. Thank you. I am trying to make the ... (5 Comments)
While I am traveling, I would like to access my downloads, recents, and documents folder on my Mac Mini hard drive, and my desktop if that is possible. I am a bookkeeper and I have an external hard drive with sensitive data that I physically take with me. But I do have a lot of ... (7 Comments)
I use iCloud “FILES” folder on both MBP and iPhone. In this Files folder I have a text.txt file that I can see on both MBP and iPhone The problem is I can just READ it when I’m on my phone (I cannot WRITE or modify the txt.txt file) If I make a modification ... (5 Comments)
I would like to archive/export/save one very long text message thread for safekeeping. It can be from my iphone or my mac – both have access to the same thread. Currently all of my messages are saved into iCloud but I do not trust that methodology long term. I don’t ... (4 Comments)
I have a table with a master list of names. In another table there is a list of absentees. When someone in the master list notifies us they will be absent we put their name is in the absentee list. So, the absentee list is a subset of the master list. I want to highlight the ... (1 Comment)
When there is a blank space in a few different browsers in which an e-mail address is required, I get a pop-up to auto-fill with an email address that is not mine, instead of showing my email, it shows my wife’s email address. She does not have access to my computer, and ... (3 Comments)
I have a reminder set up for the 1st of every month to update my budget which is on Numbers. Does anyone know please how I can add a file link in the notes section so that I can open the file directly from within Reminders? —– John Becker ... (4 Comments)
Hi, I have the entire column B, of a document that has a combined phone number and name as such: I would like to be able to extract the Phone number to column C, and the portion of the email only to column D. All Phone numbers are 12 digits. Can ... (2 Comments)