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I am reviewing over 100 short essay’s that are in PDF format. I am using Preview to open and read the essay’s. Is there a way to have each essay come up in the same location and size on the screen as the previous one? Grabbing and going windows is kind of time ... (1 Comment)
I try to use ‘subscript’ in the axis-labels from a diagram. I’m using the diagrams from Numbers in a presentation document bij exporting them as pdf’s and importing them in indesign. I would like to use the subscript (if possible) directly in the axis ... (1 Comment)
I would like to create a keyboard shortcut (e.g. Control E) to open a specific folder (finder window). How can we use the Mac Shortcuts app to do this? I have watched several tutorials about the Mac Shortcuts App, but I still cannot see how to do this basic task with Shortcuts. ... (2 Comments)
Wanting to create a shortcut that will run from a backtap that will open the phone favourites. I can say “Siri open phone favourites” but can’t find a way to do in a shortcut. There is open phone but I can’t position to favourites in the shortcut. Doing ... (4 Comments)
Hi Gary. I will be spending some time in Canada later this month and I’m a little concerned about cellular data consumption. My cell provider gives me 5 GB. I know that Android has a “data saver“ switch. Will setting Low Data Mode under Cellular be enough to prevent ... (3 Comments)
Trying to find a good answer (an official from Apple would be nice too!) if leaving my MacBook Pro (m2) connected to power all the time will damage the battery. I use a KVM switch, which connects my MacBook Pro and Windows PC to my big screen, external keyboard, and mouse. For ... (5 Comments)
This applies to Mac Mail, iPhone and iPad When I attach images to an email, they are always embedded into the page. When they are read in Outlook they are embedded. This is a disaster. It means that every image in an email has to be saved individually to a folder. This handling ... (2 Comments)
Just a quick question about TimeMachine. I have a 12GB HD connected to MacBook for my backup. Also I have a 12GB external also connected which has files I would want backed up. How do I check to see if this external drive (or any other smaller 2GB drives) are also being backed up ... (1 Comment)
A have a large text that’s already written in the Pages app: it’s about 50,000 words. The writer has used straight quotes throughout; I want to change these to curly quotes throughout. But how? Is there a find-and-paste solution? I’m an editor and this problem ... (3 Comments)
The Trailers app on my Apple TV says trailers have been moved to the Apple TV+ app, but I’ve browsed around that app, and I can’t find them. How do I get to them? I want to be able to watch trailers after the Trailers app is taken away. —– Cameron ... (1 Comment)
In settings/mobile data (on my iPhone) there in an entry “Uninstalled Apps” which is showing data usage how can I stop this? I am doing all I can to reduce data usage. —– Barry Rogers ... (3 Comments)
How can I lock the keyboard on my MacBook 15″ so I can clean it. Any key press wakes it up or restarts it even when turned off. How can I lock the keyboard on my MacBook 15″ so I can clean it. Any key press wakes it up or restarts it even when turned ... (10 Comments)
How to Search for a specific word or phrase between specific dates in Mac Mail. I have tried “date:01/06/23-01/01/23” but that fails. However if I just want to find an email on one specific date I succeed. “date:01/06/23”. But what I really want to do ... (2 Comments)
I was thinking of creating another photos Library on my iMac with photos off a flash drive. I would appreciate your input Gary. Thank you your great info videos. —– Ken ... (1 Comment)
There are different stops in the Tab section. The one that is not mentioned is the one with a | and on top of it a square. What is it called and how to delete it? I want to delete it because it changes the lay-out of my page.The symbol starts a numbered list and when I move the ... (4 Comments)
I bought a MacBook Air 2020 M1 chip back in November 2022. I keep my use at a minimal level. I do not have any significant applications running except for iMessages and Google Chrome. I noticed recently that my battery capacity has dropped down from 100% to 99% even though the ... (5 Comments)
I want to color correct old photos. Is there a reasonably priced app that will do that? I am scanning old photos and plan to save them to thumb drives so that files can be given family members. Some of the colored photos are over 50 years old and seriously ... (1 Comment)
Hi Gary, thanks for the great videos you put out. How do I make the flashing mouse pointer on my 2020 Mac pro disappear after I have clicked to insert the cursor? The flashing pointer stays and is mostly in the way when I wish to type. Thanks. To avoid having to move the mouse ... (2 Comments)
Is there a way to conditionally hide a row? I want to hide rows based on an answer in a cell in its row. I have a client list but want to hide the ones that are not active. So if o2 = ‘yes’ then I want row 2 to be hidden, and if o3 = ‘no’ or blank then I ... (1 Comment)
In the music industry we use a p in a circle to indicate the copyright of a recording. Is there one to be found on the Mac? Often I am reduced to copying and pasting or using (p). In entering metadata into recordings on Music or in preparing marketing documents for recordings, ... (3 Comments)