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I am trying to use conditional highlight feature to highlight odd and even numbers and then count the odd and even numbers . Thanks —– Javed ... (2 Comments)
I have many file with .CWK extensions that I need to access on my MacBook. Help? —– Tom Benson ... (2 Comments)
I have tried putting a number in front of the song (01,02,etc.) I have tried using the export option rather than drag and drop. I am using Mojave latest update and latest version of Itunes. —– Keena ... (1 Comment)
In Mail, for no apparent reason, my “Bcc to myself” copies have started going to my Junk mail instead of the Inbox. Incoming mail goes to the inbox OK. Having tried to check mailbox configurations I may have upset the earlier correct settings. Can you point out key ... (2 Comments)
I would like to grab one frame in an iPhone video and save to photos. I am using iMac (late 2013), ipad pro and iPhone XS and running Sahara. —– Cecil ... (1 Comment)
We just were encouraged to upgrade to the Mojave OS and now we have a new OS Catalina. Do you recommend I always upgrade to the new OS as they come out? —– Dick Vitales ... (1 Comment)
I want to update some apps on my iPad, but don’t use WiFi, just Ethernet & Spectrum cable. I don’t want to go to a Starbuck’s or another WiFi location because I don’t trust them. Seems like every time I did that in the past, problems happened. ... (3 Comments)
I want to have files and folders in my Application folder in Alphabetical order. Now my folders are at the top (in the folder) and the apps are below them. —– Gary B. ... (1 Comment)
I have a mid 2011 iMac running OS 10.13.6. I bought it used a number of years ago and didn’t know to ask the previous owner for his user ID info. But I can’t use iTunes or the App Store. So how do I take control of my iMac? Thanks. —– Allan S. ... (3 Comments)
I am trying to implement (and build upon) your video using a spreadsheet to create new slides in keynote. I already have the slides in place, but I would like to know if there is a script I could write to change the value in a cell with the same table name on each ... (1 Comment)
I am looking to speed up my MacBook Air – currently with Mojave OS. The cleaning I refer to old or junk files, but I struggle with the concept of deleting files. I currently have 80,000 + files in my email client. But I am regularly searching them for client contacts and ... (1 Comment)
Using imovie 10.1.12, on latest imac. When I take photos or videos on my iphone, they are all automatically saved in PHOTOS in icloud and are available for viewing on all my devices. I believe they’re also saved locally on my iMac. All good. I recently imported one of ... (1 Comment)
I want to be able to record some short educational videos for both our team and for customers and want to use my iPhone XS to do that. I have an external lapel microphone with the standard 16mm plug and want to know what cables/adapters people use with the iPhone or if indeed it ... (3 Comments)
In Numbers, I have a column of numbers. I want to pull the last number in that column from that Sheet to another Sheet. How can I do that? —– Peter Paul Mendel ... (3 Comments)
I am trying to add a GIF (from Giphy) into a Keynote presentation. I have read you can drag and drop but this isn’t working and I either get nothing or some web address text. How can I insert a GIF? —– Sarah-Jane Brown ... (1 Comment)
IMac – macOS Majave 10.14.5. My Family History Book, will be about 300 pages with a lot of text, old photos and documents. When finished saved to PDF file. I have your Pages course. Not sure if I should use Pages Word-processing or Page Layout. In Pages Word Processing is ... (2 Comments)
A friend has countless “incriminating” text messages from her ex on her iPhone (version unknown) and wants to consolidate them into a single PDF document for court-related purposes. She does not have a computer, unfortunately. (She could use a computer at school if ... (1 Comment)
Gary, I have three mac devices which all receive my email,( same address for all three). If I delete one message on one device, it is removed from the other two. Is there a way with mail to unsink them, so as if I delete a message on one device, the other two are not affected? ... (3 Comments)
Floating or fixed layout —– Geir Arne Midtgaard ... (3 Comments)
Hi Gary. I moved several Time Machine backups from my external drive to my Trash. #BoneHeadMove I cannot “put them back” onto the drive and it takes hours for even one of the folders to be deleted from the Trash. What options do I have to get this done quicker, but ... (3 Comments)