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Is it a easier way to dismiss notifications in big sur, without clicking on the X on the notification? It.s annoying to always have to go up and click on the X. —– Steven Lee ... (3 Comments)
Hello Gary, Love your Content I know that it is good not to quit iOS apps from the app switcher, as the OS is smart enough 1)Do you think that’s the same case with the mac, Do we need to quit apps on the mac to save resources and battery life? 2)Another one, I use my macbook on ... (4 Comments)
Upgraded my MacBook to MacOS Big Sur successfully. 1. Is the MacOS Big Sur upgrade file stored on the Hard Drive? 2. If so, can it be deleted (file size during the upgrade is 12.18 GB) As the file size during the upgrade was 12.18GB, I just wanted to free up space on the hard ... (1 Comment)
I am running Mojavie. Can i upgrade to big sur while skipping Catalina?Also do you recommend a CLEAN upgrade or not. Thanks —– george ... (4 Comments)
iCloud Storage. I also want to do as you do with your MacBook Pro – limited SSD storage on Mac and use iCloud. The question is, can I load up iCloud with more than my 512GB disc drive and ‘offload’ to iCloud? Only to show on MacBook size and file, but not use ... (13 Comments)
Keynote presentation, 5 slides. The first slide, is a Title slide, and the background is a video with its own audio track. Then it transitions to slide number 2. I dropped an audio track in the inspector, in the right sidebar for the remaining slides. The dropped audio however ... (1 Comment)
Using JavaScript I’m trying to filter music tracks by mediaKind. Using AppleScript: “set musicVideos to every track whose media kind is music video” in a tell statement returns a list of the music videos. Using what I believe is equivalent JavaScript code: ... (2 Comments)
I’m retired and on Social Security, I watched one of your latest videos on Numbers and I’m trying to create an expense/budget spreadsheet. My SS check comes in on the third Wednesday each month. How would I calculate the 3rd Wednesday for any given month. —– Dave ... (2 Comments)
Learn good, proper way to remount external drives which have been ejected but not disconnected.You have multiple clips on YouTube, e.g. “Ejecting and Remounting External Drives (MacMost Now 853)”, but they all seem out of date. —– CTMax ... (6 Comments)
Looking to use a keyboard shortcut and includes a parameter that will insert the current date, ideally in the default format that I have setup currently as YYYYMMDD. Thank you. I like to append files with dates for documentation and also a sort key to bring the most recent ... (3 Comments)
How do I cut out a small section of a podcast and then paste it into an email? I have a podcast that I want to copy only a small section and send it via email. —– Robert Williams ... (1 Comment)
I want to stop my iPhone running iOS 14.2 automatically backing up to my MacBook Pro running MacOS BigSur build 20A5359g. I used to be able to turn this off and do backups when I wanted to do them; now every time I plug my phone into my computer it backs up, whether I want it to ... (2 Comments)
I’ve mostly worked with Excel before but I’m having to achieve what I’m trying to do with Apple’s Numbers application. I have a spreadsheet full of values in column A on a table called Tracker. I would like a separate table, Filter Criteria, which contains ... (3 Comments)
I wrote a novel on Scrivener and then created a PDF of it for queries. Agents like to ask to read only 5-50 pages. When I copy the pages from the PDF in Preview and then paste it into Mail, the format – even though I’ve clicked on “Paste and Match Format” ... (1 Comment)
I want page numbering to start on the second page of a document on Pages on an iPad. So the first page is an un-numbered cast page of a play. The first page of dialogue (page 2 of the document) will be numbered as page 1. —– Mary ... (5 Comments)
I live in the UK and often the results from a google search are USA based! This is really frustrating especially when I decide to follow through with the search only to find the costs are in dollars or the information is USA specific. Is there a way to just get UK only ... (3 Comments)
An iMac has been donated to our computer committee. It has Linux installed—no OS anywhere to be seen. Is there a way that I can wipe out Linux and replace it with Mac OS? —– John Russell ... (1 Comment)
In Pages 7.1 Document Body (word processing) on OS High Sierra 10.13.6 I’m fairly new to Pages and working on procedure manuals that contain a lot of screenshots/pictures. What is the proper way to insert them into a document so they stay with the text they belong with? ... (1 Comment)
Trying to update Xcode, but there is an error that says I do not have enough space, however I have about 38GB of space. After going through forums and other articles I found out that I need to have over 40GB for Xcode to be able to update, so I went to check what I can delete ... (3 Comments)
I want that, at any application I could be using but especially on web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari…), when the system detects that I write a specific string (for example %add) then it automatically replaces it with a different text (for example my whole address ... (2 Comments)