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I want to add an additional name to my email address current I use on all my aliases but wish to have how do I do that? It’s because I have married and wish to take my wife’s name. —– Barry Welsford ... (1 Comment)
I am trying to make a copy of my Photos on my MacBook to an external device (i.e. hard drive, Microsoft OneDrive or flash drive). I have tried copying the photo and also exporting it within the Photos app but either way the photo it is converted from the HEIC to JPEG format. For ... (2 Comments)
I want to add a person from one photo to another photo using Pages and Photos on my Mac. I have a group photo of my friends which I took, but I want to be in the photo also. —– Judi ... (1 Comment)
I am using my Mid 2011 iMac Sierra 10.12.6 as a monitor for my M1 2020 Monterey 12.5.1. I bought apple cables and it works. Except on my 27″ it does not use the whole screen. Just the center 50% or so. Was wondering if it could my apple cables or if there is a setting that ... (2 Comments)
What is the default setting for Remove history items and Remove Download List Items? I remember changing the setting to manual for both of these when I first got my Mac and now I want to change it to automatically delete but I’m not sure how often. —– Omar ... (3 Comments)
How do I remove the confirmation dialog when deleting from a network drive? I’m primary working off a cloud drive (non-iCloud) and it can be annoying to have a dialog every time. —– zero ... (2 Comments)
Is it possible to always open safari in full screen? I want to see all apps upon opening. it’s really just a convenience to not have to hit the green button every time. —– Bob G ... (2 Comments)
Do you know a way to make a multiple-line title for a table? I have tried option->return like I would to make a second line in a cell, but that doesn’t seem to work in the Title field, and I can’t find any format setting that would enable this. Thanks. I would like ... (2 Comments)
I use Pages for a number of quick graphic projects that involve combining images and text. I find Pages is really fast and fairly capable of handling layering, media placeholders, etc. for this with the page layout mode. However, I was wondering if there was a simpler and ... (1 Comment)
I have a Late 2018 Mac mini (using Ventura) and am using an LG Ultrawide as my main monitor and just added an LG HDR WQHD as a second monitor. I have two desktops on each monitor. When I switch desktops on my main monitor… the other monitor also switches desktops. Is it ... (2 Comments)
Let’s start with the softwares I’m using. It’s quicktime player, and I use it to play videos on my laptop. My problem starts with final cut pro, which is used to create videos. The first imgur link shows the video having a header name completely different from ... (1 Comment)
When creating albums for photos, does this use additional memory on iPhone since the photo is technically now in 2 places on my phone? Trying to maximize my phone storage. Thanks. —– Theresa ... (2 Comments)
I want to quickly go through my photos and delete the ones I don’t want. Obviously, I can hit the delete key, then confirm that I want to delete, but I have thousands of images and that feels clunky. Is there a good way to mark the photos for deletion and then bulk ... (3 Comments)
I have a spreadsheet for a monthly card club that meets on the last Friday of every month. In the row header I have date of last Friday of the month, name of person who is hosting, address, phone number, and email. For this year I input the date manually. Is there a way to ... (1 Comment)
Time Machine: Apple’s documentation implies that you should not use Time Machine to backup photo libraries on that are located on external dirves. “WARNING: If a Photos library is located on an external drive, don’t use Time Machine to store a backup on that ... (1 Comment)
My Question is, can Find & Replace be used to replace a WORD with a new FORMATTED WORD in Pages v12.1? Let’s say I have a paragraph written in Black Color, and this paragraph text has a recurring word “James”. I want to find this word and then replace it with ... (2 Comments)
Labels vs Tags: Is there a difference between Labels and Tags in Mac OS? I would like to have a keyboard shortcut or a shortcut created in the Shortcut app that allows me to add a tag or tags to a single file or a group of files. Is it possible to write a Shortcut to assign tags ... (2 Comments)
I am attempting to make a bookmark on the dock. I’ve done it before but I can’t remember the process. I don’t want to drag the URL to the desktop, then down to the dock. I’m attempting to keep my desktop clean. Please help me get the url to the dock ... (1 Comment)
Much like Stickies, I want to know if there is a native approach to floating a window on top of other windows without 3rd party apps. In my instance, I am trying to float a TextEdit window on top of a Numbers window as reference. Instead of using Spaces or Tiling windows ... (2 Comments)
Every day I check my blood glucose, blood pressure, weight and temperature. I put this info into a numbers spreadsheet. Once a week I would like to send an email to my kids with the last 7 days info not the whole spreadsheet. Thanks. Now I have 2 separate spreadsheet. One I ... (3 Comments)