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I have a 32 bit printer control center program that operates my Brother MFC9560cdw Color Lazer Printer that stop work when I installed the new Catalina OS System. I called brother and they said they are NOT planning on creating or upgrading the software. Is there a way to start ... (2 Comments)
Imovie: Just upgraded my Macbook Air and bought a Macbook Pro. Are iMovie projects not saved in iCloud? All mine are still only visible on the older Macbook Air. Using Catalina 10.15.6 —– Lars K ... (2 Comments)
How do I use find and replace to replace spaces, return, tabs, soft returns and so on with different combinations of the same? I am using Catalina 10.15.6 and the current Pages. Primarily I need to change two spaces after a period to one space after a ... (1 Comment)
I have an external monitor on my MacBook Pro, using Catalina. How do I adjust the brightness in the external monitor. —– Richard P. ... (2 Comments)
I’m looking to create a workflow in Automator to run the “export notes” Script automatically based on a calendar event. The script Gary posted here worked great but I’d like to consistently run this on a ... (1 Comment)
Can not open a file I downloaded. The file shows as a white piece of paper with the upper right corner dogeared, and the Safari logo on it. Also, the image was downloaded with the extension “.png” and it now shows “”.I tried opening it in ... (1 Comment)
I have an Old iMac 2008 that I am going to sell, it came with snow leopard and I am running lion on it now. How do I keep lion on it when I sell it as I am not sure if I have the disk that came with it? —– Barry Harnish ... (1 Comment)
Hi Gary I have a subscribed Dropbox account and they have recently introduced a “Vault” service. It is essentially a pasword protected folder that can be used to store important documents that can then be retrieved via any device or browser. It is also possible to ... (2 Comments)
We have Pages/Numbers V 7.1 on High Sierra. How would I go about inserting a Numbers document as an Appendix into a Pages procedure manual. —– Carol ... (1 Comment)
Like many of you, I have an iPhone and take a lot of pictures on it. But like many millennials I download lots of videos from the internet such as wallpapers from google images and other photos such images for my album art. I was wondering how you guys sort these files (iPhone ... (4 Comments)
I would like to keep stock ticker symbols from showing up in spotlight suggestions when I search. I have a file named msm6.scriv. When I type it in spotlight, the first thing that often pops up is a ticker symbol, which I inadvertently activate by hitting return. This also ... (3 Comments)
Just copied my photos from my Windows Laptop to my New Macbook Air (First time using MacOS). In windows, I would have all my photos organized by folders within the Pictures section of File Explorer. However, in Mac, when I go to the Pictures section in Finder, Im presented with ... (1 Comment)
I have a large iMac, when ever I open a email in apple mail the body of that email is small. I use the command key and + to increase the pages size (Macmost also). Is there a way to make that default mail body size larger? —– Gary Bartholomew ... (2 Comments)
I am new to time machine, I did a backup of my mbp on an external hd and I am able to enter time machine and view backup even if the hd is not connected,so where is the back up getting saved? —– Jay ... (2 Comments)
How do I make a printed copy of only some of my contacts? —– PTR ... (2 Comments)
I want to create an agreement and letter in pages where I set placeholders – like “name”, “company” etc and later get a filled out document that can be saved and send out. I have found how to define text as placeholder but can’t find where to ... (2 Comments)
I have all my photographs in Photos Library most in RAW file format.Now I’d like to transfer some of those RAW files to Adobe Lightroom. Photos Library does not allow this – seems Lightroom does not have permission to MY files in Photos Library due to some permission ... (1 Comment)
Hi, just got a new Mac and wanted to try using Numbers instead of Excel. But I can’t figure out how to insert a cell–which I do a lot in excel. Can you help. It could be inserting one cell or a few cells but not a whole column or row. —– Dharmini ... (2 Comments)
I’m in GarageBand and I need to transfer track into different GarageBand window. I am a beginner and I thought I could use different tracks for different tunes which I did. Now I need for each track to their own window. Does GarageBand allow for two windows to be opened at ... (2 Comments)
Gary, have watched your YouTube video Reminders, as well as several others. I want to send a list on my iPhone 8 to my daughter-in-law who also has an iPhone (probably newer than an 8). All the videos tell how to composed the list, manage the list, and send the list; but none ... (1 Comment)