Productivity Series: Uses For Calendar
Take a look at how I use the Calendar app. I primarily only use two calendars for everything. I also subscribe to some useful calendars. I'll show you some other Calendar tips as well.

Latest Mac and Apple News

Beta version 10 of macOS Monterey has been released for developers. Public beta will probably come soon. This is the third weekly update as launch is probably coming next week since there will be an Apple event on Monday.
Apple will be holding a special event on Monday, Oct. 18 at 10:00 a.m. Pacific. Rumors point to new higher-end MacBook Pros and AirPods.
iOS version 15.0.2 released. This fixes the Photos bug where photos received from Messages could be deleted, some Find My bugs, and some CarPlay bugs. There is also a security vulnerability fix.
Apple is appealing the ruling in the case with Epic. Apple only lost one point in the case, which would force them to allow developers to include links to their own payment systems.