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Using Tabs In Apps Other Than Your Web Browser
While most Mac users will use tabs in their web browser, many forget that tabs work well in the Finder and other apps too.
Alternatives To the iPhone Action Button
If you don't have an iPhone 15 Pro with the action button, you can still easily trigger a variety of actions using on-screen buttons, tapping the back of the iPhone, pressing the side button or even the volume buttons.
Understanding Safari Browser Profiles
In macOS Sonoma you can use browser profiles to keep home and work separate while viewing web sites. You can log into different accounts in different profiles and have multiple profiles each open in its own window.
10 Ways To Deal With Vertical Video in iMovie
iMovie is mostly for horizontal video. But often we end up with vertical video from our iPhones. You can deal with vertical video in many creative ways in iMovie.
7 Ways To Break Out of the Apple Ecosystem
Just because you use a Mac, iPhone or iPad doesn't mean you need to use Apple's services. You can use other email services, browsers, cloud services, streaming music, photo libraries and more.
The Practical Mac Buying Guide (November 2023)
Looking to buy a new Mac soon? Figure out which Mac is the best one for your needs and budget. This practical guide will help you decide between a MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac mini or Mac Studio.
The Mac FN (Globe) Key: Everything It Can Do
The FN or Globe Key on your Mac keyboard is a modifier key that can do some special things. In addition to controlling how the F1-F19 keys work, it can also be used as a single keypress to trigger some actions, and with some letter keys to give you keyboard shortcuts to some powerful functions.
There's No More 27-Inch iMac, Here's What To Get Instead
Apple has officially said they aren't planning on making a new 5K 27-inch iMac. But the current line-up of Macs has plenty of great options that will get you a 27-inch screen and a fast new Apple Silicon processor, often cheaper than what an iMac would have cost.
Make Your Mac Look Different Than Everyone Else
There are some quick and simple settings you can use to change how your Mac's screen looks. Use them all to highly customize the look of your Mac. Or, just use one or two to make a subtle change.
Window Arrangement Tips Every Mac User Should Know
Learn how to move and resize windows on your Mac without using third-party apps. You can easily arrange windows as you like and even snap edges to the screen or other windows.
37 Secret Features of the Mac Keyboard
There is a ton of hidden functionality in the Mac keyboard that can unleash productivity power when you know about them. Learn how to type special characters, find hidden menu items, navigate around on the screen and so much more.
Is It Time To Update Your MacBook Pro Or iMac?
With brand new MacBook Pros and iMacs ready to order, is it time to upgrade your old Mac? Is it worth it to upgrade an M1 MacBook Pro or iMac? How about an older Intel model?
How To Use Dictation on Your Mac
There are two separate type of dictation you can use on your Mac. Basic keyboard dictation lets you easily combine talking and typing. Voice Control adds a powerful list of commands and lets you control almost every aspect of your Mac.
New Settings You Can Customize In macOS Sonoma
There are a few new System Settings and app settings you should know about in macOS Sonoma.
Link From Document to Document On Your Mac
There is no native functionality to link from inside one document to another. However, you can use a clever Shortcut to allow this. You can link from inside a Pages document to another Pages document, or to a Numbers file, or Numbers to Numbers, and so on.
Using Paragraph Borders and Backgrounds in Pages
Pages version 13.2 adds more option to create borders around paragraphs of text. You can use paragraph border and backgrounds for all sorts of interesting design effects in your Pages documents.
Reminders: List Sections and Column View
Starting with macOS Sonoma and iOS/iPadOS 17 you can now divide lists in Reminders into Sections. When using the new Column View, each section is in a separate column, making them similar to Kanban boards. You can easily move items from column to column and also combine this with subtasks and List Templates for more advanced uses.
What To Do When Your Mac's Drive Is Full
If your internal drive is almost full then it is time to clear out some applications and files. Here's how to do that in 7 steps without the help of any third-party apps.
Mac Quick Start Guide for New Users - Mac Tutorial for Beginners
If you are new to Mac then this is the guide for you. Here is a quick start to get you going with how to use the mouse or trackpad, keyboard, Menu Bar, Dock, windows, apps, the Finder and much more. Get up to speed quick with this comprehensive tutorial.
When Should You Close, Minimize, Hide or Quit?
When you want to get a document or window out of the way, should you close it, minimize it, or just hide or quit the app? Take a look at these four options and see which would work better for you.