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How To Translate Text On Your Mac
Your Mac has a built-in translation feature that works almost anywhere. You can translate text to read it, or to aid in communication. You can even translate text embedded into photos.
How To Save Photos From Apple Messages
If the data in your Messages app is taking too much space on your Mac, iPhone or in iCloud, then you should clear out old photos and videos in conversations. You can do this in the Messages apps, but also in Settings. Then be sure to save and delete photos as you get them moving forward.
Mac Typing and Editing Keyboard Shortcuts
Using the arrow and modifier keys will let you efficiently write and edit on your Mac without needing to take your hand off the keyboard to use a mouse or trackpad.
Learn How To Edit Your Pictures In Mac Photos In 5 Minutes
Here's a quick start guide to using the Photos app to edit your pictures. You can straighten, crop, adjust light and colors, fix problems and add filters.
How Many Mac Third-Party App Installs Work
New Mac users are often confused about how third-party apps from web sites are installed. After downloading, all you get it is a file that when opened just shows the app with an arrow and folder. Here's what to do next.
How To Combine Parts Of Images Using Mac Photos
You can take the subject of one photo and copy it onto the background of another photo using just when comes with your Mac, without ever taking the photo out of your Photos library.
How To Use Your iPhone As a Scanner For Your Mac
You can use your iPhone as a scanner to scan documents directly to your Mac. No need to transfer from your iPhone to your Mac afterward. You can scan right to a file, into a new Preview PDF, or into a document or email message.
How To Get File Listings As Text
If you need a file listing to use in a document you can get it by copying and pasting from the Finder if you know a trick. But you can also get file listings as text from the Terminal and then wrap that command into a Shortcut.
Import Photos From Cameras and SD Cards Using the Image Capture App On Your Mac
If you need to get photo from your camera, an SD card, or an iPhone or iPad, but don't want them in the Photos app, you can do it with the Image Capture app that is already on your Mac.
How To Add a Drawing To a Note On a Mac
It is easy to add a drawing to a note in the Notes app on an iPhone or iPad. But what about on a Mac? You'll need to add a blank image first, but once you set it up the first time it is easy to add a drawing or sketch to any note.
10 Simple Ways To Improve a Photo in the Mac Photos App
You don't need to be an expert at photo adjustment controls to make your photos look a little better. By just using a few of the basic tools, including some that are a single click, you can improve your photos.
6 Ways To Convert Video Files On a Mac
There are many ways to convert video files from one format to another on your Mac. Often you don't even need to convert at all, but just simply change the file extension.
7 Ways To Add Spacer Lines Between Paragraphs In Pages
There are many ways to add a line between paragraphs in Pages. You can use a shape, paragraph borders, images and more.
How To Free Up Space On iCloud Drive
If your iCloud Drive space is full, then you can clear space by moving files to your local internal drive's storage or an external archive drive. Learn how to do free up space on iCloud Drive.
Move the Menu Bar Below the Camera Notch On Your MacBook
There is a hidden option for some apps that allows you to move the Menu Bar below the MacBook camera notch when in Full Screen mode. In addition, you can adjust the screen resolution of your MacBook if you want to get rid of the notch completely.
Creating a Photo Collage In Freeform
You can easily create fun photo collages using the Freeform app on your Mac. Just drag and drop images from the Photos app or files and position them as you like. You can add text and more. Then copy and paste or export to share.
10 Common Internet Scams and How To Avoid Them
The best way to protect yourself from online scams is to understand how they work. Learn about these 10 common Internet scams and talk about them with your friends and family before it is too late.
How To Sort Files in the Finder on a Mac
To get the most from the Mac Finder you should know how to quickly sort your files in the Finder window. Learn how to do it in the various Finder views and some tips and tricks.
What Are HEIC Files?
By default your iPhone saves photos as HEIC files. These are compressed images, like JPEG files, but will use less space on your iPhone, Mac and iCloud. You can easily convert these to JPEG files when you need to. Your iPhone also saves video files in HEVC format.
Can I Use a Different Power Adapter To Charge My iPhone, iPad or MacBook?
You can use almost any USB charger with your MacBook, iPhone or iPad. If the charger doesn't provide enough power your device may charge slowly. But a higher-powered device won't hurt. Quality does matter though, in how longer a charger will last before it may break.