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Getting the Most From the iPhone Weather App
The iPhone Weather app in iOS 15 puts a ton of information at your fingertips. You can dig even deeper by looking closely at the 10-day forecast, bringing up maps and searching for other locations.
10 Tips For Writing In Pages
Before worrying about how your finished document should look, concentrate on writing first. Use zoom, fonts, highlights and other writing tools in Pages to write a good book, report, memo or other document and then format it for reading later.
The Right Way To Ask For Tech Support Help
When asking a question online it is important to have a good title for your post and include details in the body of your question but also leave out irrelevant information. Be sure to not just asking how to accomplish something, but also state why you need to do it so the question can be answered properly. Also be sure to follow up and state what worked when your problem is solved.
How To Remove a Photo Background With Preview
Here's how to remove the background from an image using the Preview app that comes with macOS. The Smart Lasso tool does a so-so job, but it is useful to know how to use it in case you only occasionally need to do this and don't wish to purchase another app to edit images.
How To Remove a Photo Background With Affinity Photo
Here's how to remove the background from an image using Affinity Photo. You can use this to blur the background or replace it.
How To Remove a Photo Background With Pixelmator Pro
The Mac app Pixelmator Pro has a variety of tools for removing the background of a photo. The best method is combining the Select Subject tool and then refining the selection with Quick Selection. You can use this to blur the background or replace it.
How To Use Screen Zoom On a Mac
Screen Zoom allows you to zoom in on a portion of the screen to see the images or text there when they are too small otherwise.
Setting Reminders Using Shortcuts On a Mac
You can use the Shortcuts app to make it easy to add new Reminders. This could come in handy if you often find yourself recreating the same reminders every day or week.
Which MacBook To Buy In Early 2022?
If you are looking to buy a MacBook soon, here's a rundown of the current models and the differences between them.
How To Merge Two Folders On a Mac
Merging two folders can seem difficult or impossible until you learn this trick. While it is easy to drag and drop new files into an existing folder, you'll need to decide which ones to keep and which to replace on a file-by-file basis. However, a hidden feature of the macOS Finder lets you merge the files in folders, keeping the newest versions.
Using Bookmarks In Safari On a Mac
You can use bookmarks in Safari to store the locations of web pages so you can return to them easily. You can access bookmarks several ways, search for them, edit them and organize them. Plus many tips and tricks for using bookmarks.
What's To Come From Apple in 2022?
We'll most likely see a new larger iMac, MacBook Air, Mac Pro and iPhone 14 in 2022. What else will Apple release? Will we see a new MacBook Pro? iPads? Mac mini? AR glasses?
The Many Uses For the Delete Key On a Mac
You can use the Delete key on yoru Mac's keyboard to delete text in both directions, delete selections, objects, files and more. Sometimes you need to add modifier keys to delete or access special functions.
13 Creative Ways To Use Shapes In Mac Apps
Apple provides a wide variety of shapes in Pages, Numbers and Keynote. You can go way beyond just filling them with a solid color. You can edit the lines of a shape, combine shapes, use gradient fills, creative borders, shadows and much more.
How To Use Hide My Email On Mac and iOS
Hide My Email is a new privacy feature of macOS and iOS that allows you to create forwarding email addresses to give to sites, services or anyone you send email. The recipient never sees your real email address. You can use this to manage future spam email or just maintain a level of privacy by not sharing your real email address.
Things You Can Do With PDF Selections in Preview
In Preview you can select just a portion of a PDF document. Then you can paste that into a new PDF document, another type of document, email message and more. This can be used in a variety of useful ways.
How To Secure Your iPhone Before Handing It To Someone
If you need to hand your iPhone to a ticket checker, cashier, security guard, or police officer to show a document or your ID, be sure to use Guided Access first, to lock the iPhone into that one app and restrict access. You can also use Guided Access to allow children to play games on your iPhone or iPad.
Find the Difference Between Two Tables In Mac Numbers
Here's how to compare two tables to see which rows are missing from one or the other. You can also compare two tables using multiple columns. Conditional highlighting can show you which rows don't match.
Using Image Capture To Scan Documents
Instead of trying to use the software provided by your scanner's manufacturer, use the built-in Image Capture app on your Mac instead. You can scan documents and photos with a variety of settings and options.
20 Ways To Free Up Disk Space On Your Mac

If your hard disk is full and you need to clear out some space fast, here are 20 places to look. In macOS Monterey you can use the Storage Manager to clear out a lot of unneeded files, plus I'll show you some places to look in your Library folder, Applications, Photos, Documents, iCloud and more.