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Mac Basics: How To Launch Apps
There are many different ways you can launch apps on your Mac. You can use the Dock, LaunchPad, Spotlight. But it is also important to understand where the apps are actually located. There are also other ways like double-clicking a document or switching to an already-running app.
How To Find Duplicates In Numbers
Learn how to find duplicate rows in Numbers using various functions and forumlas. You can also deal with the duplicates by deleting them or combining the data in them.
How To Use And Create Apple Maps Guides
You can access premade guides in Apple Maps with lists of interesting places near a city. You can also build your own lists and share them with people, even if they aren't using Apple products.
Tips To Get the Most From the Mac Dock
There are many hidden features in the Dock that users don't know about. You can access them by bringing up a menu instead of a simple quick click.
10 Ways To Customize the Look Of macOS Big Sur
There are more options than ever for customizing how macOS looks with Big Sur. The Menu Bar and windows get their color from the desktop, but you can also set them to ignore that. You can change the way sidebar icons and other elements look as well.
20 Mac Mail Tips And Tricks
Here are some tips to help you get the most out of the the Mac Mail app. Learn how to customize the sidebar, redirect messages, markup images and PDFs and much more.
Mac Basics: How To Use Split View
Split View allows you to place two application windows side-by-side on your Mac with no other windows or elements. You can use this as an alternative to arranging windows on your desktop or using a single window in Full Screen mode.
Should You Buy a New Mac Now?
With some new M1 Macs out, and other updates to the Mac line coming in 2021, I'm being asked by many people if they should wait and buy a new M-class Mac, or pick up an Intel Mac now. I'm going to change my advice on buying new Macs in this special situation.
How To Edit Videos In Mac Photos
MacOS Big Sur adds the ability for you to adjust, filter, crop, rotate and trim videos right in the Photos app, without needing to go to iMovie or Final Cut Pro. You can use the same editing techniques you use for photos, but applied to an entire video.
How To Get Notifications Under Control On Your Mac
Take control of the notifications that appear at the top right corner of your Mac's screen and in Notification Center. Learn how to use the notifications, including hidden functionality like replying text messages right from the notification. Then find out how to turn them on, off, or modify them to fit your needs.
Creating and Using Memoji On a Mac With Big Sur
In macOS Big Sur you can use Memoji and Animoji in the Messages app. You can create a Memoji, just like on the iPhone, but without any live camera features. You can then use this Memoji or one you created on an iPhone as a Memoji Sticker in a message.
Apple's New MacBook Pro M1 First Look
I tested out the new 13-Inch MacBook Pro with the M1 processor in some real-world tasks like using iMovie, Numbers, Safari and Photoshop. Spoiler: It's fast! Check out how you get and run iOS apps and see how they look.
Learn How To Use Notification Center Widgets In macOS Big Sur
Notifiation Center Widgets in macOS Big Sur are more versatile and powerful thanb before, looking more like a real replacement for the old Dashboard widgets from years ago. Learn how to add, remove and customize them.
MacOS Big Sur's New Control Center Feature
Learn how to use the new Control Center in macOS. With one menu bar item, you can control Wi-Fi, sound, Do Not Disturb, displays and more. You can choose which items are also shown independently in the menu bar.
A Tour Of macOS Big Sur's New Features
In this special live episode I'll look at some of Big Sur's new features while answering questions from the chat stream.
Everything That's New In macOS Big Sur
Watch as I quickly give an overview of virtually everything new in macOS Big Sur. That includes more than 70 new features big and small.
10 Things To Try After Updating To macOS Big Sur
Here are 10 new features in macOS Big Sur that you should check out right after updating. Get to know the Control Center, new Notifications Center, new sounds and set up things like your desktop background.
Apple Announces First Macs With New Apple CPUs
Apple announced a new MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and Mac mini today, the first computers using Apple's M1 chips. They also announced MacOS Big Sur to launch on Thursday. Check out all of the details.
After 5 months of beta testing, macOS Big Sur, also known as macOS 11.0, will be released on Thursday. (Update: Get it here.) Users with a compatible Mac will be able to get it for free in the Mac App Store.
Apple announced three new Mac models today, the first Macs to use Apple’s on CPU chips. This new M1 chip is similar to the chips in the iPad and iPhone. Each has 8 cores, 7 or 8 graphics cores, 16 neural network cores and a secure enclave.