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How To Convert Words and Names To Values in Numbers With IF, SWITCH and LOOKUP
If you have names, product IDs or some other words and need to translate those to number values you can do it with the IF, IFS, SWITCH or LOOKUP functions in Numbers. While the first functions are good for small limited lists of values, only the LOOKUP function works well with a large list that changes often.
Mac Language, Region and Input Sources Settings
Learn how to set and add languages to your Mac so you can see different apps with different Language settings. Find out how to change things like number separators and date formats using the Region settings. Use Input Sources to change how your keyboard works.
Using Mac Text Replacements
Text replacements are the ultimate typing productivity tool. You can add to a list of short special words that will then expand into longer phrases as you type. Learn how to add, edit and delete Text Replacements and lots of tips and tricks like how to import and export them.
View Zip File Contents With a Shortcut on a Mac
While the Mac Finder handles zipping and unzipping files just fine, it fails to give you any way to see the contents of a ZIP file. You can use some Terminal commands to do this. Better still, you can use those Terminal commands in a Shortcut to make it easy.
Zip and Unzip Files On a Mac
Learn how to zip and unzip files on your Mac, including how to create password-protected ZIP files. It is easy to compress a single file or multiple files and folders into a ZIP file archive on your Mac. You can also decompress any ZIP file by simply double-clicking it. The Archive Utility is used invisibly for both commands, and there are some settings you can access. If you want to create password-protected ZIP files, you can do it with the Terminal.
How To Resize Photos With a Shortcut On Your iPhone or iPad
If you want to share a photo from your Photos Library or a file on your iPhone or iPad, you can use this Shortcut to resize it and convert it first. A very simple Shortcut can be used to do it for one photo, and a slightly more complex one can do it for multiple photos.
20 Ways to Fix a Slow Mac
If your Mac is running slow here are 20 things you can do to try to fix it. Learn how to check memory pressure, see what is running in the background, and how you should be using apps and browsers to make things faster.
Exploring Your Mac's Wi-Fi Settings
Learn how to use the Wi-Fi settings in macOS Ventura. You can pick the network you wish to join, customize it and use new options like Low Data Mode.
How to Use Mac Notes In 5 Minutes
Learn how to use the Mac Notes app. You can quickly type some text, take notes in meetings or at school, make lists and more. Learn the basics and get some tips.
The F-Keys and Special Features Keys on the Mac Keyboard
Learn how to use the keys on the top row of your Mac keyboard. You can use them to send F1, F2, and other F-Keys to the app you are currently using, or you can use them to control special features like screen brightness and volume. Learn how to toggle which requires the FN key and which does not.
Accessing Your iCloud Data in a Web Browser
You can access most of the data you have stored in iCloud in a web browser, including files, photos, notes, email, and much more. Learn how to use Apple's new iCloud web dashboard.
Set Focus Modes To Turn On Automatically
Focus modes, also called Do Not Disturb, are useful to quiet notifications while in meetings or trying to concentrate. But it is hard to remember to turn them on and off. To make them more useful, you can set Focus modes to turn on automatically when using specific apps.
Top 10 Mac Keyboard Shortcuts
What are the top 10 Mac keyboard shortcuts and how would you even determine such a thing? Gary from MacMost tackles this difficult task and reveals the to 10 Mac keyboard shortcuts with tips and tricks for using each.
10 Mac Beginner Tips In 6 Minutes
Here are some tips for those new to the Mac. Learn how to quickly switch to other apps and windows, launch apps, use Hot Corners, type Emoji and more.
15 Ways To Customize the Look of macOS Ventura
In macOS Ventura you can change the look of your Mac's screen by using a new wallpaper, adjusting tinting and transparency settings, customizing the Dock and Stage Manager and much more.
Better Ways To Lift Subject On Your Mac
The new Lift Subject feature in iOS 16 and macOS Ventura is a great quick way to grab a subject from an image. But for better, more customized results you need to use an app like Photoshop or Pixelmator Pro where you can modify the selection.
Mastering Multitasking Tools and Techniques on Your Mac
Mac users have a wide variety of multitasking options such as windows, Stage Manager, multiple desktops and tabs. Learn about each one and how they can work together.
12 New Features in Mac Photos
Apple added a whole bunch of new features in the Mac Photos app with macOS Ventura. Learn how to find duplicates, remove the background, copy and paste adjustments and much more.
How To Use the New iCloud Shared Photo Library
You can now have a shared photo library between you and other members of your family. Each person can edit and manage the photos in the library and you can view photos in it alongside photos in your own personal library.
Using Mac Reminders List Templates
A new feature in macOS Ventura is that you can now create list templates in Reminders. You can use these to easily recreate lists with some default items instead of starting from scratch.