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39 Tips and Tricks To Get the Most Out Of macOS Stickies
Learn useful and powerful tips and tricks for using Mac Stickies. Find out how to highlight text, change list styles, add images and other media, arrage the notes, archive and transfer Stickies, plus much more.
7 Ways To Adjust the Colors On Your Mac's Screen
Youc an adjust the way your Mac's screen looks many different ways. By using Color Profiles or Accessbility preferences, you can change how colors are displayed. You can also use features like Dark Mode and adjust highlight colors. The Desktop background picture you choose is also important.
Creating Convenient Saved Searches For Your Mac Finder Sidebar
You can use Saved Searches on your Mac, also called Smart Folders, to give you easy access to files in your Finder sidebar. This can be a handy way to see recent documents, all documents of a specific kind, or even your most commonly-used apps. Learn how to create, edit, delete and store Saved Searches.
A Preview Of the New Control Center In macOS Big Sur
A new feature of macOS Big Sur is Control Center. This is an iOS-like feature that brings together various system controls like volume, Wi-Fi, Do Not Disturb and other settings into a single panel you can access with one click in the menu bar.
Including a Plus Symbol Before Values In Mac Numbers
If you need to include something like a + symbol before positive numbers in cells, you can do it using formulas or using custom cell formatting. Using a custom cell format is more versatile and can be easily reused no matter how complex the calculation.
How To Use Video Overlays In iMovie For iOS
You can use images as video overlays for iMovie on your iPhone or iPad in the same way you do it for Mac. The Keynote app for iOS is a great way to create these images, which must have transparent backgrounds. Switching between Keynote and iMovie you can add text, shapes, lines or almost any sort of overlay image easily.
How To Stay Safe When Downloading Software For Your Mac
To stay safe while downloading third-party software from websites to your Mac you have to weigh risk versus reward. Here are six factors you need to take into account before downloading anything.
The Fresh New Design Of macOS Big Sur
The new macOS Big Sur coming out this fall will have a fresh new design and look quite different than macOS Catalina and before. While it is still early in the beta cycle, take a look at the design elements in Big Sur.
How To Use Styles In Pages
Paragraph styles in Pages make it easier to easily and consitently apply font styling and formatting in your documents. When you use styles from the start, you can apply them to all parts of your document and easily make changes throughout.
The Details Of Apple's Transition From Intel To ARM Macs
Have questions about how Macs are moving from using Intel CPUs to Apple's own ARM chips? When will the first new Macs appear? Is it still worth it to buy an Intel Mac? How long will Apple support Intel Macs? Will your apps run on the new Macs? How about Windows emulation?
At today’s WWDC event, Apple announced that it will be ditching Intel processors for Apple-created ARM processors similar to the ones used in iPads and iPhones. The transition will start with a model later this year and continue over two years when all Macs will be updated.
At today’s WWDC keynote event, Apple focused on new features of upcoming operating systems for iPhones, iPads, Macs and other devices. The next version of macOS will be named Big Sur and will have some major design changes to look a lot more like iOS and iPadOS.
Apple Announces macOS Big Sur, iOS 14 and the Switch To ARM Processors At WWDC 2020

Apple announced a ton of new features for the iPhone, iPad, Macs and other devices coming this fall at the annual Worldwide Developers Conference. The new macOS will be called Big Sur and it will give Mac software a new look. Apple will be moving away from Intel processors to their own ARM processors starting at the end of the year, giving Macs the ability to run iOS apps as well as current and old Mac apps.

10 Mac Menu Bar Tips

The menu bar is something you use every day in almost every mac app. Here are some shortcuts and productivity tips for using the mac menu bar.

Monday morning will kick off Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, this time completely online. Instead of gathering in San Francisco, developers can watch and participate in live events using Apple’s Developer app on Mac and iOS. The keynote presentation will also be live-streamed in various places.
Each year Apple offers a special promotion during the summer for students looking to get new devices for the next school year. This time Apple is offering free AirPods with some purchases, the first time AirPods are being offered instead of Beats products.
How To Use Multiple Desktops On Your Mac

You can use Mission Control on your Mac to give yourself multiple virtual desktops. Each desktop can display different app windows to make it seem like you have more than one screen. Other desktops can contain full screen or split view windows.

10 Ways You Can Preview Files On Your Mac

There are many different ways you can preview files on your mac before opening them. The Finder can show you a preview as you browse files, Quick Look can bring up a larger preview, some apps and the Dock allow you to preview files as well.

How To Take Notes For School Or Work On a Mac

There are many ways to take notes with your mac whether it is in a school lecture or at a work meeting. You can use built-in apps like Notes, TextEdit or Pages. You can get third-party apps like OneNote, Noted, Bear or GoodNotes. There are many also ways to record audio while taking notes.

Apple expanded its Apple Card purchasing program today to offer interest-free monthly installments for Macs and iPads. At checkout you can now choose 12 monthly payments instead of paying all at once as long as you are using your Apple Card. And the final amount would be the same as a one-time payment.