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How To Use the Safari 14 Start Page
In Safari 14 the new Start Page replaces Top Sites. The Start Page has several sections, including your Favorites, Frequently Visited sites and more. You can customize the Start Page to act much like the old Top Sites page, while also including your Reading List and iCloud Tabs pages.
Building a Clock Overlay For Your iMovie Videos

If you need a clock or countdown timer in your iMovie video, you can create one in Keynote and export it to use in iMovie. You can manually create each second as a slide, or use this simple script to add all of the slides automatically. In iMovie you can adjust the size, color and even reverse the overlay to count down or up.

10 Actually Useful Siri Commands To Use On Your Mac
Learn 10 Siri commands for your Mac that may be faster than doing the same thing using the cursor and keyboard. You can open folders and files, get answers to calculation, schedule events and set reminders, and send messages or emails.
How To Sort In Mac Numbers
Learn how to sort your tables in Mac Numbers. You can quickly sort by any column, or set up soem complex sort rules and resort by those rules at any time. You can also use Categories to group rows together and sort those Categories in various ways. Sometimes you need to set up special columns for meaningful sorts.
Automatically Organize Files With an Automator Folder Action Shell Script

By using a Shell script in an Automator Folder Action you can create a "drop zone" folder that moves any file placed into it. By using a Shell script it is easy to add new conditions and destination folders.

10 Mac Tips And Tricks For College Students
Learn how to get the most out of your Mac while at college. You can use iCloud Drive to protect your files from disaster, take notes and study with Pages and Keynote, put your class schedule into the Calendar app, and even use your iPhone's camera to scan documents right to your Mac.
Understanding the File And Folder Structure Of Your Mac
Learn about the folder structure of your Mac's drive from the top level to your user folder. Find out what different folders are for and how using iCloud Drive changes things.
10 Things You Don't Need To Install On Your Mac
Many people online claim that there are certain third-party apps that you need on your Mac. But usually this isn't true, or only applies if you use your Mac in a specific way. As a super user, I often see these lists and notice I don't use any of these "must-have" apps.
A Beginner's Guide To the MacBook Pro Touch Bar
When you buy a MacBook Pro you get a narrow touchscreen display at the top of your keyboard that charges as you move between apps. You can customize this Touch Bar to have it display things like F-keys, system controls, desktop switching and more. Even some of the app-specific controls themselves can be customized.
Tracking Stocks With Numbers On Your Mac
You can track and chart stocks in Numbers on your Mac with the STOCKH function. You can get the close, high and low prices for a stock on different days and then use formulas and filters to build various charts. You can then easily change the stock symbol and dates to generate new charts.
The Super-Powerful Mac Keyboard Shortcut That Most People Don't Use
There is a universal keyboard shortcut on the Mac that will allow you to find any menu bar command, easily trigger that command, and also navigate the entire menu bar. If you love keyboatd shortcuts, this one should be among your favorites.
10 Ways To Make Your Mac's Wallpaper Unique
Instead of using the default desktop background wallpaper, you can easily set it to something to fit your style. You can use custom colors, your own photos, create your own gradient wallpapers and much more.
10 Tips For Using Window Tabs On Your Mac
Tabs are a useful alternative to using multiple Windows in just about any app or situation on your Mac. Here are some tips to get the most from using tabs in apps like Safari, Pages and even the Finder.
Mac Numbers Filter Tricks To Make Your Spreadsheets Easy To Use
Learn some advanced techniques for measuring time and ranking rows to create filters. Find out how to build a system where you can choose a filter from a pop-up menu customized to your needs.
Adjusting Photos On Your Mac With Affinity Photo
You can use Affinity Photo to make adjustments and apply filters to your photos directly from the Photos app. By using adjustment layers, you can test out different changes and play with settings to get the result you want.
10 Tips To Help You Type Faster On Your iPhone
It can be hard to type on an iPhone's small virtual keyboard. But with these tips and some practice you can significantly improve your typing and text editing speed.
20 Tips For Using Zoom On Your Mac
Many of us are using Zoom on our Macs for meetings, classes or get-togethers. Zoom is a powerful video conferencing app with many useful hidden features. Learn how to test your audio before a meeting, use a video background, send reactions and nonverbal feedback and start breakout meetings.
Understanding the Difference Between Mac USB and Thunderbolt Ports
It is easy to be confused by the different types of ports on Maca, especially then names like USB and Thunderbolt are sometimes uses interchangably. Learn the differences between these kinds of ports and how to avoid confusion when talking about them.
Creating Email Filter Rules In iCloud and Gmail
If you want to effectively filter email you need to do it on the server. Here is how to set up mail rules using iCloud and Gmail filters. If you use another email service, it is just a matter of finding out how to set them up with that service.
10 Tips For Selecting Text On Your Mac
Basic text selection can be done with a quick click and drag. But you can use these advanced techniques to select by word, lines, rectangular areas or make non-contiguous multiple selections at the same time.